12 April 2007

But our fish said ,"no no, make the cat go away!"

I has been brought to my attention (mostly by observation, and a wry glance or two from Meena, accompanied by some eye-rolling...you know how disgusted cats can get) that there is indeed a pink ring in my bathtub...You know, like the one in The Cat in The Hat book? When those naughty children were not supposed to let anyone in when there mother wasn't home? So, I feel a little like I'm playing the part of Sally, and I suppose Meena is playing the part of Fish...Now though, I wish I did have Thing One and Thing Two or that pile of blocks they had (alhtough, I think that was in the second book, but no matter) filled with all the alphabet things that eventually helped clean the house up (mostly because I'm having everyone over for my Birthday on Monday...and I should be getting the house in order before the trip this weekend) And yes indeed that is a cuppa', as I do often drink coffee with my bath (only in the morning though, and with hazelnut soy cream no less...and the pink ring was a result of the rose fizzies Dina and Niko gave me for Easter...)

Also, I feel better, much better...

And, I can almost pin-point that as well. Yesterday, during therapy something popped and snuck out, just slid right out of my mouth, along with some tears that slid out of the corners of my eyes.

I See.
That what was in there.
What some of this was really about.

(sometimes it surprises me the things that slide out) Which prompted an almost miraculous recovery of any said allergies. Does it amaze me that this is all connected? Not as much as it once did...I may still be a little sniffly here and there, but no more sneezy, runny itchy eyes, and worn out, over worked sinuses. And, thank goodness it's not what Vanessa had...because that counter over there on the side bar says 0 (that's zero) days and counting for the trip. Dina's pink eye is gone, and we've both been doing the happy dance every time we see each other...

Oh yes.
We're quite ready!

And the Kiss report?
After a lovely purprise from Ms. Dina yesterday...
New dark chocolate and cherry kisses.
Like cherry heaven they are!
I'm still betting on the coconut ones for the bestest, followed by the white chocolate and peppermint ones.

Even the cat wiped the disgusted look off of her face and momentarily stopped rolling her eyes as I poured these into the "official coffee table Kiss bowl"

I hope there's some left when I get home this afternoon...


thatgirldina said...

Does having all my clothes laid out and sitting on top of the suitcase count as packed? No? Um, okay then....I guess we both know what I will doing after work today. Along with dying my hair, since I seem to have forgotten to do that last night as well. Poo. And here I thought I was so well-prepared.

manicure - check!
pedicure - check!
brows tweezed - check!
legs and naughty bits waxed - check!
haircut - check!
road trip CD created - check!

Of course none of the above will matter all that much if I don't have cute shopping/dinner/cocktail ensembles to wear right? Good thing I waxed those naughty bits! :)

Eeeeee! Get a load of that countdown clock!

sulu-design said...

Birthday? Monday? Happy birthday, girl! Enjoy the well-deserved time away, enjoy your b-day, and enjoy those chocolates!

velvet brick said...

(does her happy dance...)

can hardly wait to see the lovely (and waxed!) girlie girls from the mountain! : ))



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