07 April 2007

Happy Easter!

Busy Busy today making 2 fresh glazed strawberry pies for the holiday tomorrow...

(this was after raking the rest of the one side yard, and bagging up the yard trash...there are 12 large bags by the "curb" to be taken away...yes, my lungs were burning the whole time, I hope I didn't over do it!)

...these are my usual springtime Easter Pies, easy to make after all the physical activity. I use the recipe from the Joy of Cooking...One to take to my family celebration and one to give away.

I have some mail love to share after the holiday...

I hope everyone has a lovely time, and the Easter Bunny was very good to you!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you...I signed up for Operation Haremail too! I sent my package out early last week but haven't received mine yet. Is that what your mail love is?

I was *hoping* I'd get you as a swap partner. Shux.

Love the vintage cards...I have a ton of Easter-themed ones and can't think of a damn thing to do with them. Hrm.


velvet brick said...

may I just say how adorable this post is!

it makes me smile : )

Kathy said...

Those pies look so yummy! Hope you had a good Easter!


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