19 April 2007

The Power of Five..

Sorry for such a late post yesterday...I had a million things to do, and hit the ground running as soon as I woke up, went to therapy, priced a gazillion items at the shop...ran to Costco, delivered various things to various people from shopping, and finally sat down with Dina for a little R&R and car buying talk...as I am looking to exchange the car I'm driving now for something that is new to me, and since I've never done anything like this before...I am feeling a little nervous. I'll keep you posted...

But, for today's post, I am "stealing" Velvet Bricks post title...is that legal?
(I should also be stealing her group picture, because I think it's better, but that's another story!)

After such a lovely day of shopping and eating...we decided to eat some more! Now, it should be mentioned that as the sweet girlie girls we are, our room by this point, is littered with shoes...all sorts of shoes...because one never knows exactly what one will be doing, and we certainly must have the right footwear! And poor Dina, she could wear each pair of shoes for about 2 hours, then we would both notice a little bit of a slow down due to blisters and general wear and tear on the feet...but, sometimes it hurts to look this good, right?

After forming a fun friendship with the hostess of Velvet Brick for some months now, including a jar of home made lemonade sweetly delivered to me at the shop as a surprise one day, and followed by a ton of emails...Dina and I were both excited to meet the whole group when we were visiting in The Valley at a wonderful restaurant called Nando's...where we sat on their outside patio and laughed it up for a long while!

It is so wonderful to get together with a group of women, one who took a risk and started contacting me through this blog. Carol and Dina and I have quite a bit in common come to find out...and I feel so blessed and lucky that the whole group could connect and have as much fun as we did! We all complained of sore sides from laughing so much...and since we were sitting in the front of the restaurant, I would like to say that we did not scare the other customers away with our giggling, but made it a welcome place for them that evening.

Thank you again ladies, this was truly a highlight of this amazing trip...and I am looking forward to hosting people on the patio of Foolsewoode sometime this summer...because as Carol put it, "I love your glass balls (she does love all the yard decor I have) but, I covet your chandelier!"


Tonya said...

You look absolutely sexy! You're glowing. I'm so happy for all of your adventures, you deserve it. I went through your list inspirations and obsessions and got lost in a dreamworld of art, craft, and beauty. I'm so inspired yet I can't seem to sit down and write on by own blog right now. I hope you had a great birthday.

velvet brick said...

OOOhhhhhhhhhhhh...such a fun evening that was!! What a wonderful picture of 5 great women! I'm having such fun reliving it all with your posts! And THANK YOU for including the word 'glass' in your last sentence... without it would cause one to wonder....!! LOL Miss you both...and look forwad to another great night of the power of 5! : )

sulu-design said...

How nice to have made such a great connection in person with a blog friend. This blog community is the best, no?


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