14 February 2007

Sing me melodies of...


...And lastly, these little lovelies (including the one from yesterday's post) are the ones I absolutely fell in love with, and I am keeping.

I enjoyed creating all of these Valentines so very much...and I am looking forward to making even more pictures with ephemera again soon...
then my walls will be filled with MY art...

Set 7

"he was there,
he spoke to her in the tone of the mourning dove
he looked straight into Mara's blue eyes,
something he had never done before.
She nodded her head thoughtfully
and gave him her hand."


...and they walked through time together

"I am surprised you are not afraid
I think I shall frighten you yet.
he found her blue eyes fixed upon him
smiling and unafraid
and he came back and found her
smiling still"


And she...
was not afraid...

Set 8

"He always came upon her by surprise.
he bubbled up from the fountain,
he leaped down from the treetops,
he walked toward her right out of the sunrise
He even quite forgot to be bad when he was with her,
His chief delight now was to make smile
the little girl"


...and smile she did...

" a great mist suddenly filled the garden
and for the first time in her life she felt afraid.
Then the mist cleared and as she looked,
she saw a handsome young man who took her by the hand
and spoke her name softly.
Then she knew all she had longed to know-
why the world was made
and what the wind says when it blows."


Oh Yes

Now I'm off to open my Valentine's Day packages...one from my father, and one from Jolene, dance around the living room to my new copy of Hotel Costes 8 (wonderful CD...it transforms the house into quite the dance club) and enjoy whatever Valentine's Day surprises come my way...

I'll keep you posted!

Happy Valentine's Day!


http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

You and I love the same music!!!! How funny anf fabukous. Yet another thing we will not fight about when we sit for a glass of wine...I am glad you are doing better. It is good to cry over a box of choco. Imagine all the calories in that. You should have been crying for joy that you won't have to eat any of those! No sir, Valentine candies are for fools. hee hee... Okay, did that feel better? Come see me, I have a virtual (calorie-less) cookie with you name all over it!!!

Your Pal said...

Happy Valentine's Day Pal!! Thank you for the valentine - it's my favorite one - I love it!! :)

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Hi! Gorgeous Valentines and great blog!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. We did get a lttle snow in the Flagstaff area, but not as much as the news predicted! :-)


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