28 February 2007

OH Knit!

...I did not knit last night
...not one stitch
...not one purl

I sat and zoned out and talked with my mom and Rozzie, and watched my mom knit a pair of socks...with the worst yarn in the world. Every once in a while, the yarn would just unravel and fall totally apart, forcing her to knit the ends right into the sock...weird. And then watching THIS video...Which always makes me laugh hysterically.

The reason for the sitting and zoning: I had quite a long day at the shop, and did not step foot out of there until an hour after I closed. No emergency, no cleaning or redecorating, I was just talking with a friend for about two and a half hours (sometimes we have these marathon conversations...and if you know me...you know I can talk) I figured sometime around closing time that it had become more important that I talk than run to the bank or straight home...like I had thought I would. Which makes me think I need to get up earlier than normal to squeeze all the things in that I need to to before I trudge on down to the shop again tomorrow, and you know how I hate to wake up to an alarm...sigh.

And, after knitting...I mean, sitting, it was onto Ms. Dina's where I proceeded to trim her hair, as she was in bad need of a little clean-up, and while I lopped...um, I mean, trimmed a little more than she wanted off...I think it looked mighty good, and she sat around for the rest of the evening running her hands through it and remarking how good it felt. This coming from a gorgeous girl whom always looks fabulous (in my humble opinion) no matter what state her hair is in. Need I mention that we girls have been on a total grooming kick for about a week now? It seems we're doing it in stages...and thinking of pedicures next. We both have this huge fantasy about going to a day spa...soon.

Well, I'm off to rest...mostly because I'm seeing double...and mostly because I get to go out yet again tomorrow night for wings and fun...


thatgirldina said...

Look at your uber-cute momma! :)

In honor of your Tuesday night Oh Knit!, I worked through 3 rows of my scarf before deciding it just wasn't the same without you here. I miss our knit and bitch sessions. We must get back on schedule pronto, so I can finish my scarf before NEXT winter! haha!

Thanks for the super haircut BTW. You're the best!

Can't WAIT for tonight! EEEEeeeee!!!

sulu-design said...

I love all the pampering - a spa is definitely in order - you work too hard NOT to go!

Vanessa said...

Oh Wings!!!Oh Wingssssss. So far in the future for me. I am being really good. Gym at 6 a.m. Pain and hunger. WHy? I have no idea. I just want my black dress to fit again. Why? Who the heck knows. Noone seems to care about any excess... noone but me. Oh well...I am glad you got to chat for hours.. what fun!!!

KSV said...

That video is hilarious!!!!!!!!


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