22 February 2007

I Had The Time of My Life...

The Time Of Our Lives...

That was the prom theme...I did not remember having the time of my life, but I suppose it was fun...a few things have been more fun since then (I think) What is it with prom? I mean, it's this HUGE deal when you're in school...so much so that I actually had to scout out someone to take me.

Yup, you're right, I knew no one would ask me, so I asked someone I thought had a bit of a crush on me.

And I offered to pay.
Nice huh?

That seems to be how things in my life have often been...and I'm sitting here thinking wouldn't it be nice if just once in a while, someone would have taken me out and payed for it? Yes, yes, I suppose that it's not very enlightened or modern of me, but sometimes, one likes to be pampered and taken care of by someone other than oneself...

Oh dear, where was I?

Ah yes, the prom...I had my dress made for me from a vintage pattern from the 50's which I loved (and never being over 100 pounds then, looked quite cute in it. sigh.) Plus, being the 80's, I did indeed talk my date into wearing a matching pink cumber bun and tie with his tux (tee-hee...I love how styles and fashions change!) And, I went with a lovely gentleman named Tim, and while we did have a fun time, like I said, I don't think it was quite the time of my life...but whatever. We started the evening by going out to a dinner with a large group of friends (and come to think of it, a lot of them went with people they may not have if they'd been asked as well) and then to a little pre-party where we drank quite a bit of alcohol (sorry mom) quickly so that we could drive up to the hotel (after all...this was the first prom that was ever held at the then Sheraton, on the hill) before the alcohol could really kick in, and we could be accused of drunk driving (high school students are smart aren't they? Besides, I don't even think it affected either of us because we were so nervous about being caught, we didn't drink enough...I've always thought of myself as a rebel without a clue) and had our pictures taken, and then we walked into the room...

...and I immediately stepped on a piece of chocolate cake and ruined my shoes.
They were those dyable heels too.

I remember the dance floor was too small for the amount of people that were attending, and what were they doing with chocolate cake anyway?! Or punch? I swear most of the girls that were there were pregnant by that time anyway (small town...not much else to do) Although, I'll bet the music was probably good...after all, it was the 80's...

And, here I am a couple of years later, same location...but not the prom, and enjoying myself with a then crush. If I remember correctly, Peppermint Schnapps was involved here (it's a good thing I was never pregnant) See how happy I am that someone actually showed interest in me?

Oh brother...

what a strange life I've led...with a sometimes low self esteem. It's a wonder that I'm so normal now (tee-hee) Well, at least I'm in a little different place, and I can actually recognize more of my worth, and with practice and time, I'm even getting better at that...although, don't get me wrong, I still have enthusiasm and lots of smiles when I play with boys, or drink heavily in hotel ball-rooms (sorry again mom)

And...on a little different note, I would like to take this opportunity to wish myself and Snap-Snap a very happy 12th anniversary!


sulu-design said...

Oh, how wonderful not to have to worry about things like the prom anymore. Getting older is great! And congratulations on 12 years in business. What an accomplishment!

velvet brick said...

you are just a pure delight! I love, love, LOVE your prom dress... so pretty, stylish!! what a sweet picture to treasure forever... ahh... I just love your retelling of those times...I can't do it myself...a weakness of mine...so I admire you (and those) who can! I love how you embrace where you have been, where you are..and where you might go!

on a side note... I am officially 'obsessed' with your oh, so charming and beautiful candleabra chandelier outside...I just adore the picture of it with snow caps...and serveral nights ago I actually had a dream that I was up visiting you and walking over to that sweet charm and wouldn't you know!!! just as I was reaching out to touch it, I WOKE UP!!!!! ARRRRGGHHH!!!

Sweet weekend to you! : )

Vanessa said...

Where have I been?? How did I miss all of this????????? What??? I have to catch up, you are my favorite!! And I misssed your prom??????? XXOXXOXXO


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