20 February 2007

Jenny You Got My Number...

Ha ha...you never quite know who's going to turn up in this 80's flashback do you? Moving from left to right is My Pal Amy, Arthur, my ex-husband John, Suz and Bob...

These were our school uniforms.

Ok, it was Halloween. I was not invited to this party (Tricia did not like me, I believe...probably because I was so much cuter than her...well, maybe not...) But, I whined and whined at some point in my life to Amy to give me this picture because John was in it, and I had HUGE crush on him.

We did actually date in high school...for a week (titter) He was the first boy that ever kissed me. And it was not that good, I'm sorry to say, so later in life, when he leaned in for that first kiss before we got madly serious with each other there was a lot of "uh-oh" and "I hope..." going through my head. It was fine then...and it lasted for 12 years (our relationship, not the kiss...that's a bit on the overkill don't you think?)

Ms. Suz is actually on her way up this weekend with hubby in tow...and My Pal Amy and I will be joining them for dinner, of which I am quite excited, as we finally get to meet her husband.

Arthur is somewhere avoiding me...I just know it.

And I think I may have seen Bob this year at the holiday time in Wal-mart.

Now, My Pal Amy is a most wonderfullest friend. We have been cohorts for lo these many years (which I find odd, since neither of us is aging, and she still looks like a fairy, except she doesn't dress so flashy anymore) She is the girl that has seen and heard it all from me. She's one of my main confidants...and we have shared our huge lives with each other...growing apart sometimes, and growing closer...but usually growing forward together (we were also on the flag team and in the band together...we did indeed go to band camp and we lettered...I have the Letterman's sweater to prove it!) We tend to be a little telepathic with each other at times, and often, we don't need to have complete conversations, and sometimes the people around us get a little annoyed, as we don't tend to finish our sentences out loud, yet have perfect communication with each other. Her family is like my second family, I spent so much time at her house during school...and now during holidays and whenever I have a little extra time.

I think a lot about how rare it is to have someone in my life that has known me so well for so long...that I never have to explain anything to because...well, she already knows. There's no background to fill in, and there's nothing she doesn't know. I was once amazed when we were out dancing (one of our favorite past things to do together) when I stopped to think about how many years and how many times we've actually done that activity together...how many holidays, and hopes and dreams and secrets...all the walkies and outings and dinners (and drinkies) we've shared. We both have had these separate lives, and these amazing seperate experiences, but when we come together, no matter when that is, it's quite fun (and comfortable)...

...Thank you Pal, for all the life smiles,
for it would have never been the same journey without you!


sulu-design said...

What a sweet post about your friend. It's so nice that you have friends who share such a history with you. To have known someone when they were in high school and when they were becoming who they are now is so valuable - how well you must know one another!

Amy said...

Ha ha... I forgot about that picture! I've got to look around for one with us as penguins...

Thank you for the beautiful words. You've always been the one who makes me laugh the hardest, and have always been there for me. And you get me too. I can't imagine how my life would have been without you in it (and I don't want to). Thank you Pal, for everything! :)

Anonymous said...

I logged on today to comment on yesterday's blog, how I LOVED seeing those old and new pics of you and D-Man-they are GREAT, and my mouth dropped at the site of that Halloween photo. The memories! You know, that was the year I ran my car off the road on the way home and had to jog, jiggle, jiggling down the road, all the way to my house to my house to get my dad. I ruined the bottoms of those awesome jester shoes!

You "dedication" to Amy on here is sweet-she IS so deserving, I know-even not having spent these times with you guys. You two are fortunate to have had all these years together.

I am sooo looking forward to seeing you both, and sharing this other great person in my life with you. Thanks for the walk down memory lane on your blog. It is awesome. I've done a little of that over the last few years myself, doing scrapbook pages from my high school photo album.

On a somewhat similar note, everyone has to go see the movie "Music and Lyrics"-it'll take you back and make you laugh!

See you Friday!
:) Suz

KSV said...

I wish I had a friend who has known me that long. Most of the people I knew got lost in the high school drama and we never spoke again. I searched for the Dead Bob shoe and couldn't find it. I think it may have been on after we left. There were a ton of people, but I just went to shop. All I bought was a mug, but they have some really cool pirate ship medallions and jousting tournaments.

capello said...

you explanation of your friend amy is exactly like my relationship with my best friend amy too.

amys are awesome.

thatgirldina said...

Amy looks EXACTLY the same as she did back then! Just like a little fairy! This photo is too cute! And of course, your tribute is very fitting. I'm amazed at the amount of energy between the two of you.

What DID happen to Arthur? Do we need to go on another google stalking mission?

Vanessa said...

I am so glad that you have such a friend in your life! Isn't it great for someone to get you. That they have known you for so long that you don't have to explain anything. How wonderful!!!


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