13 February 2007

Come Live With Me...

...And be my love,
and we shall all the pleasures prove...

Or, you can walk on by the temporary Sees Candy shop at the mall and see me crying hysterically over a heart shaped box of Nuts and Chews. No really. There I was minding my own business and exchanging a pair of shoes for the Rozz (not me, I have enough...OK not enough...but no shoes for me today) and decided to breeze in the little shop for a few ideas for the holiday, and the 1 lb. box jumped out at me. I don't know what was worse today, seeing all the diamond jewelry and knowing I would not receive any? Or knowing that I would not get a heart shaped box of nuts and chews? I mean, the nuts and chews are the bestest of all the Sees in the world...and I suppose I could've bought them for myself, but I don't really need to spend the $...and I would rather receive them from someone. So, now I will not be going into any shops until V-day is officially over...Besides, I'm still saving up for the special gift I will be giving to myself in April...

(yeah, yeah whatever)

Plus, I did go thrifting after that, and bought a pair of Large loungy/exercise pants...and I really no longer fit in a Large...but probably need a Medium (so I don't really need any nuts and chews...OK, how about a dozen roses instead?) and I feel fabulous about that...even though, I don't want to eat any food anymore because I'm scared about putting the pounds back on (no, not healthy...but, don't worry, I'm working with it...) Plus, I have been walking and being active more lately (helps with the extra break-up energy) climbing Thumb Butte yesterday with the D-man and treating myself to 4 miles (and my heavenly Nano=alone time and good music) at Peavine today. And when I got home today, there was a package from my father waiting for me
(thank you Dad...I'm waiting to open it until Wednesday)

Set 4

"catch me!
catch me!
or I shall fall
come near with your wings"

"I wish I could play from morning till night
all the year around.
This wish grew in his heart
he longed to see it realized
magic and his own clever mind
could solve such a

Set 5

"There was no friend like her
the girl who was maid of all
she was the most obliging servant
Jane had ever known"

"She pressed the precious Valentine
to her lips"

Set 6

"she was beautiful

"until, in his dreams,
he opened his eyes.
He danced with the daffodils
and sang with the birds and the brook
"what a beautiful world it is"
he realized that he,
had made it so."

(this one is one I'm keeping. On the back I wrote,
"...he had found his rhythm"

PS...is there a reason the Violent Femmes song, Blister in the Sun is now being used for a Wendy's commercial?

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