16 February 2007

Wrapping It Up...

It's over...this week.

And what a week it was. I started on a new regimen that I am now calling "Operation Reduce My Tushie" This consists of walking and hiking both, depending on what the day calls for...plus a little dancing around the living room as well. There is this hill in my neighborhood that I walk up...then down, turn around and do it again. I felt so good yesterday, that I almost ran up the hill, which is a bit unusual for me as I don't ever run. Ever. If I was being chased by a murderer, I wouldn't run, but stand and face them and state, "look, if you're going to kill me, go ahead...I'm not going to get all tired and sweaty and then die..." So, this up and down the hill thing has resulted in quite a sore tushie. Which means it's working, right?!

I had a lovely dinner out with a friend last night. We solved most of the worlds problems. So rest easy. Then, I stopped by Dina's to help with her vanity mirror. She bought a lovely vintage vanity, and promptly broke the mirror off, and as with most vintage vanities, the mirrors, while lovely are a little unwieldy to put on by yourself. It was a little much with both of us smacking...I mean, gently setting it in the right spot so it fits. We also solved the worlds problems.

And I got to view my beautiful Valentine she made me, but it's still tacky...Meaning the design is just wonderful, the paint is still a little wet. She was a little worried that I was going to want to throw it away...silly Dina!

OK my sweeties, I am off to enjoy my weekend, and I hope you do the same. I had a crazy idea to have a party tomorrow night, but by the end of the day had talked myself out of it. I am having this feeling that I want to celebrate something...maybe next weekend...that way I will have all week to clean up this place!

Plus, things look more doable the farther away they are, don't they?


http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

You sound like you are doing very welll!!! Don't worry about the late night sadness here and there, if you do get that, although you might not... Are you okay???? Well, even if you are I am still sending a big hug. I feel attached to you. Maybe because the past few posts have brought back memories I re-healed through you. So,, that was good, right? As for hiking!!! BRAVO! Yes, a sore toush, good news!!! I ate a huge burrito last night after pottery, late, like 10pm. Then I weighed myself. needless to say. I am still in pajamas and depressed. But, I will recover. I am food intake grounded though. That burrito should last like 7 days. too bad I already want another one. What is wrong with me??????? Hee hee. Lots of love your way.. and let's dream of the mansion, shall we???

KSV said...

I have been trying to get into my own operation reduce my tushie. It's the only thing that grows on my body. I'll be eating fries and I can feel the cushion increase just slightly, haha! I'll work at it too, that way you we can support and motivate each other.

thatgirldina said...

Another festive evening with the lovely Miss Sadira. How did I get so lucky?! Thanks for the help with my unruly vanity, and also for lending an ear.

I DEFINITELY think a party is in order for next weekend! By then, we'll have oodles to celebrate too! WhooHoooo! Can I get a "WHAT WHAT (In the Butt?!""


velvet brick said...

do you not have the right attitude?? you are awesome! oh yes! a party! a party to celebrate absolutely nothing special and everything that is!!
light the candles, chill the wine, set out the appetizers and get comfy and joyful!! : )

sulu-design said...

Your whole tone has picked up... it sounds like you're well! Good luck with your new "operation". Even though I run regularly, I could use some help in that department, too!


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