12 February 2007

Valentines Cards...

...And a heartfelt thanks to everyone who's left comments about the heartbreak. I am so very touched by the thoughts and also the stories that everyone has shared. It's helped me so much, especially to remember that we're all a part of the human family, and have so many shared experiences. I don't usually get too personal, or haven't in the past here on the blog (usually because the people I want to talk about read this thing...hahaha) but I am realizing more and more that if I open up and share my life, it also helps everyone else around me (oh...and me too!) And while there may be some people in my life who think that my latest display of emotion is not worthy of the relationship I was in...I am experiencing this part of my life exactly as I should...sometimes in the fetal position crying, sometimes reflecting upon memories, sometimes laughing...but mostly living, my life, on my terms...whatever they may be in the moment.

So, thank you...

Now, onto the Valentine's project I've been working on for quite some time now...or the hallucinogen producing (due to the Sharpies and Rubber Cement I used to make these things) Valentine's day cards for friends and family. I made a whole slew of these cards...so, I think I will just post a few a day leading up to the holiday...

I used a vintage book of stories for these cards, and then blacked out words along the page to create a Valentines message...and used glittery red hearts to accent each piece, and clouds and skies paper as well...Plus on the backs of each, I copied a favorite saying of mine, and embroidered on fabric hearts...and a special message to the recipient. Most of the backs of the cards are the same, except for the ones that I kept for myself (I really fell in love with some of these, and perhaps I knew what was coming and knew I wouldn't have a special Valentine this year...so, I had to be my own?) I really wanted these pieces to be a double piece of art work...and for the ones I'm keeping, I've encased them in a floating frame that showcases each side, so I can leave them up year around...as I have absolutely none of my own artwork hanging in my home! Plus, that was Dina's and I assignment for each other...to create art for our homes (and to give away)

Set 1

"dear, dear
I have been wanting so much
have you"

"her valentine
the vivid lady in the heart of lace

will love outloud"

Set 2

"But Valentine's Day was a happy thought"

"Psyche was almost the goddess she was named for,
she was happy!
and pretty"

Set 3

"I want you
we could play together
and have lots of fun"

"Evelyn and Jane threw their arms around each other
in delight
they looked around
Jane smiled whimsically"

And on the back of these ones:

"Be my valentine?"

fabric hearts embroidered on...

my signature

and my favorite saying:

"Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk everything, you risk even more."
-Erica Jong


capello said...


Vanessa said...

Those Valentine's are wonderful!! What a fantastic Idea! You are good. I am just sending mine out today. 2. I thought I would make them for all of you and get addresses etc. But, I didn't. You know, set dates don't really work for me. I need to come around when my heart decides, not when anyone or the calendar or anything sets a date.. Whhooosh. I am nutzz aren't I? By the By, You have to heal in your own way. noone is in your heart or head and noone knows what you are going through but you. (citing friends and family opinions, I am sure they just care about you but...)Sometimes these things are a growing experince a shift in life and they have very little to do with the lost love. The fetal position crying is a purging, not just of him, of things... It is letting go and welcoming in. I love crying. I think it is great. I think you are doing wonderfully!!!! And, yes, I also am always my own Valentine. I am my own Valentine everyday. I do have a long term love in my life.. But, I like to give myself my own favorite Valentine. Then anything else is just gravvvy.

sulu-design said...

I'm glad to hear that you're taking this all in stride. You Valentines, my dear, are so creative and cute - what a terrific idea!

velvet brick said...

can I just say that I LOVE your creativity here?? to black out the words...(lol...sharpies and rubber cement...oh lordy, girl!) and embelish and create.... truly art!! love, love, LOVE!!

and I do admire and agree with your perspective of living through the experience... such a wise spirit you are!

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friend!
: )


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