01 February 2007


Thank you all for your kind wishes, I do feel better. Still a little shaky and nauseated, but I am able to hold down bits of food again, and plenty of liquid, plus it was busy at the shop, so that helped take my mind off of feeling sickly. And these lovely grey merino wool socks made for me by my mother, are also helping! She calls them SHOCKS because they apparently have the ability to stand up on their own...the knitting pattern is moss, and I'm telling you right now, there's nothing like hand made sockies for the ole' tosies...

Also lately, I've had a lot to run around in my head (which helps keep me distracted from the sickies.) I usually do, on any normal given day of my life and I have this ridiculous internal life, which I suppose most people call imagination or creativity, but mostly it's me running stories around in my head and getting myself all worked up for nothing...it's exhausting, but entertaining as well. Why have I never gone on stage? you ask...Who knows? I'm just waiting for my chance to be discovered. Anyway...lately, I've had all sorts of people dropping in from my past, old friends and boyfriends...and some of the things they've been saying to me has stopped me in my tracks. I don't know why this is all happening right now,
maybe for healing? Closure?
Anyway, I got an email from someone Tuesday that was so very sweet, I actually cried tears of joy (which is a switch) and I was so very touched...by everyone who has been dropping in out of the blue, Thank You All...it means more to me now then you'll ever know...I really need the support and reminders. And as my mother so wisely told me, "when it's time, it's time"
(someone in this family needs to write a book)

And...for the 10 year old birthday girl...there was lots of celebrations!

First, a party for her and her friends at the local JoAnn's...a 2 hour craft extravaganza enjoyed by all. I was at work so I did not attend, but it sounded like tons of fun!

Then over to GG's house for a little evening family celebration. The Rozz got tons of great gifts! They ranged from crazy electronic Pixel Chick and Nintendo DS stuff...to all these great Waldorf inspired goodies. I think she enjoyed them all quite a bit...and when I left her house, she was stretched over the end of the couch looking like she needed a bit of rest...the fun plumb wore her out!

I, however, got to come home and reconnect with a wonderful friend from my past (like I said, they've been coming out of the wood work) someone who's been like a brother to me, and will be home for quite a bit, so I get to enjoy his company for a while anyway. Needless to say, I celebrated by eating 2 peanut butter kisses...

I know, only 2, but I've been sick remember? And plus, I only had cake for dinner, so I didn't want to totally overdo it!

And we had a bit of snow last night, but not so much that Dina, Niko and I got to have coffee this morning together ("and I could have hot chocolate!" as Niko reminded me last night when they stopped off from the hockey game to let me know it was snowing)


velvet brick said...

So glad you are feeling better...a trooper you are! Love the pictures, and the socks look like hugs for the tootsies! So wonderful! I hope your tummy even more settled... ; )
Velvet Brick

sulu-design said...

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better, and so happy to hear that friends from the past are making their ways back into your life. Tear of joy! Yes!

KSV said...

I am very happy to hear you are feeling better. I ate bad lettuce once and got sick to my stomach for a few days. Hopefully you'll be in tip top shape soon. Maybe some toast and honey would help?? I didn't know you could have parties at Joanns, I want a party like that. Pretty cool 10 year-old, and lucky!

Vanessa said...

Hey, my sis was here, Ksv, that is funny. Sooooo, first of all, I am sick now. Dizziness out of control and nausea. Dying. Even peanut butter kisses sound bad. :(


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