21 December 2006

X-mas Party...

Last night I had a lovely date with Dina...she was polite and sweet and beautiful as always...really a perfect date! Plus, owning my own business with only my mother working for me makes for a non-company holiday party...because we see each other all the time anyway, and well...it would just be quite silly to have a party, and get dressed up...then again, maybe it would be fun.

We dined at a local Italian restaurant in town, and I had Fettuccine Alfredo with mushrooms and artichokes...yum...a salad and tirimisu for dessert (which was actually good...you see, my sister rocks the tirimisu boat pretty hard...and I've never had better, so sometimes I am sorely disappointed when I put a forkful of other peoples tirimisu in my mouth...making it a little hard to swallow as you might imagine) They also had an ornament exchange...I walked away with a sweet little glass spade ornament, and Dina got a lovely Elvis one...because nothing says Merry Christmas more than the thin Elvis in gold sparkly pants...which will really go perfect on her vintage silver aluminum tree!

My sister arrived in town, and I saw her ever so briefly...I plan on taking lots of pictures (even though I keep forgetting my camera...maybe I should just wear it on a strap around my neck...or put a post-it with the words don't forget your camera! on the front door...the holidays are turning my brain to mush)

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Jolene George said...

everytime I forget my camera my husband teases me and say.."you're not a true scrapbooker"


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