19 December 2006

A Girl Walks Into A...

...Early Christmas with her other family...the one that I spent most of my time with when I was not with my own family...Said girl had camera with her, did she take it out of her purse to capture all the:

  • Gift opening (resulting in a stack of gift cards and new Ginko bubble bath...for my memory?)
  • An entire turkey dinner
  • Fun games with the family and friends
  • Hysterical laughing...music

No, she did not actually. Said girl keeps forgetting about the camera in her possession and there it sits nestled and snuggled in the bottom of her purse.


Thank you everyone...I had an amazing time!
(and I promise to take pictures soon...promise)

1 comment:

amy said...

Hmm, my comment went away so I'll try again...

We had a great time - thanks for coming over - it wouldn't be the same without you! Thanks again for the fabulous books and have a fantastic Christmas!!! :)


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