03 December 2006

Confessions of a Deranged Rodeo Queen...

OK...to be totally completely honest...I never was a rodeo queen, or even tried to be...I just put on the belt the other day. I could have, you see, tried out for this position, I live in the town that boasts The World's Oldest Rodeo (it's in Trivial Pursuit even) The belt is not an official Rodeo Queen belt, but it sure is sparkly with a lot of rhinestones (and you know me and sparkles) Every once in a while, the thought crosses my mind, "can I pull this off?" then I mosey out of the house and try it. I lasted the whole day...no one said anything rude, so I suppose it did work.

Rodeo queens remind me of parades (you see, this is where she would do most of her queenly duties) and we did have the Christmas parade this last Saturday. Lovely, as always, making me a bit sentimental, as I have been in every version of a Prescott parade (except the light parade) You see, I may not have been a R.Q. but I was a flag girl in high school...marching with the Pride Of Prescott...the local high school band (yes, I lettered 2 years in band...I have the Letterman's sweater to prove it...and I did indeed go to band camp...) Parades are fun

super fun.

And the Courthouse lighting was Saturday night...I sang in the choir for that in grade school...that's what happens when you've lived in a place as long as I have, you tend to have done so many things associated with the history of the town. I do long for the time when there were not many spectators in the crowds because it seemed like the whole town was in the parade...and there were not people bussed in to observe the AZ Christmas City spectacle...but the square is beautiful this year. It's always a little different, and I was thinking that I remember the year the big neon candles were donated to the effort as well.

My Pal Amy and I were walking around downtown observing the light spectacle, and pushing our way through the crowds...trying to beat the rush to a dinner place. We made it, and had a lovely time, ending our evening around 11pm...when she stepped out of my house, and we noticed a loud bunch of music blaring from the downtown area...Someone somewhere has decided that really loud Christmas music would enhance someones enjoyment of the holiday season...and I am a little overwhelmed, because this music is very loud, and I can hear it in my house with all the doors and windows closed...As I said, every year it's a little different around here for the holidays...

As Amy whisked off into the night, she was heard to declare, "have a maniacal Christmas!"

Oh Dear.

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Amy said...

Hey Pal! I had a fabulous time Saturday - you were right, I am still dreaming about that tuna panini and the lemon essence!

I love the Rodeo Belt! :)


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