13 December 2006

OH Knit!

Well...rats no pictures for this post...and I don't quite have the time this morning, as I need to rush off for early appointments. But, I do have a date tonight with my artist and his mother, so I will be sure to bring the camera along to document all of our fun!

Last night at my mum's, I helped Rozzie learn how to use her digital camera and download pictures, and then put them on her blog...her blog now looks better than mine, and she's getting more comments...jealous? NO...Proud? Oh yes! She's decorated her own mini tree, much to my mothers eye rolling, as my mother usually waits to decorate for the holidays closer to the actual holiday itself...nice to see Rozzie is like me...and wants to decorate early (with lights on the tree too...although, I must confess, I did not put ornaments on the tree this year, but I did indeed put a garland on the tree...and the sock monkey tree topper...I'll show you later) She also used tinsel, which I don't normally use, and it looks beautiful!

My mother completed one whole adult sized sock, and let me try it on. What a tease...this thing feels so amazingly wonderful, and better than any over the counter sock I've ever felt! I am too impressed, it looks perfect...and feels great, did I mention that already? I continued knitting my little roses, as I contemplate exactly what to put them on...and we watched Jingle All The Way...one of my favorite holiday movies.

I popped home and enjoyed a surprise visit from another wonderful friend (after much text flirting) where we talked and solved all the worlds problems...sitting in front of my little electric fireplace, eating Jr. Mints and reading excerpts from the latest Cosmo...one of my favorite silly indulgences. I can't say that we learned a lot, but we laughed quite a bit...

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Jolene said...

So which one is Rozzies blog? That's nice of you to teach her how to ue her camera and uplade the pictures.


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