01 December 2006

What'd You Got?

Well...as promised, I thought I'd show you a little close-up or two of the vintage candle collection...

As I explained before, I grew up with these types of little candles in my home during the holiday season, as my mother had grown up with them...and I am slowly convincing myself that I am trying to replace a lot of the things I have, with things I remember from my past. I'm not exactly sure what era they are from, but I'm guessing the 50's...so, I'll go with that unless someone corrects me.

I have noticed just this year that the collection has grown to rather um enormous proportions. hmmmm...I wonder how that keeps happening?

So, I'm having to divide all the candles up into groups...or themes, as I prefer...and I'm also trying to make it all come out even. Coupled together makes for a really neurotic me...which means that I rush about with all these candles switching them from place to place (and you wonder why I haven't gotten the tree up?) All the Santas, most of the small choir boys, trees, reindeer, musicians and snowmen are together, because putting them with Jesus and his family was just plain freaking me out.

Every year it's a little challenge to get more of these candles (which could explain why there are so many) and earlier last week I was walking by an antique store window and caught sight of this box out of the corner of my eye...
Yes, an entire holy family with lambies (the ones my mother has and I have been coveting) mint in box (wrapped in their little waxed paper still) You can bet I ran right in there...and yes, they were an affordable decoration for this year at only $10. My mother didn't even realize that they came in boxes...and they're from her childhood.

So, Jesus and the family, lambs, larger choir boys and all angels are hanging out on the entry table...Oh I just love these little guys! Notice the lovely little potted plant behind them all (you know for a little palm greenery?)

Oh...and the HUGE SCORE for today:
An incredible vintage signed Weiss rhinestone Christmas tree pin. Oh, I tell you...did that make my day! Now, I love anything that sparkles (I'm like a raven that way) and love to collect rhinestone jewelry, but don't usually allow myself the luxury of keeping the signed pieces because they're worth so much...but, it's been a long time since I've found a pin...and Christmas one's are super hard to find! And I'm worth it don't you think? (enough justification?) Oh, and sorry about the picture...my camera sucks the biggie when it comes to close-ups...

And now, I'm off to Stitch and Bitch with the girls, I can't even tell you how much I have been looking forward to this (since we had to postpone last week because of the holiday) and I'm feeling a little panicked because I finished the hat project...maybe I'll just whip up a few roses instead.

Oh, the heat keeps coming on every 15 minutes, and the cat is just itching to get outside...doesn't matter if it's freezing. I'm half tempted to leave her out there and turn her into a kittysicle...that'd teach her.


Jolene George said...

What great finds!!! I love your little collection. :o)

capello said...

pretty pin. preeettttyyyyy piiiiiinnn ::drooling:: preeetttyyyy, spaaaarrrrrkleeeeyyyy piiiiinnnn.


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