20 December 2006

Random Going Ons...

What? No Picture? Again? (don't hate me because I'm a space cadet...and the holidays have thrown me...a girl, out into the world with a camera, and the ability to not remember she has it to document her immediate life...it's like a superpower)

We're gearing up for my sister's arrival today...she'll be here for an entire week...will it be enough?

Will I live to get my holiday shopping done? On time?

Albertson's has those wonderful new white chocolate and peppermint pieces Kisses on sale. Also the peanut butter filled ones. I am no longer allowed to go to the store by myself...I am not to be trusted in the presence of these Kisses.

Late night dates with superheroes lead to ultimate hilarity and silliness...finally, I'm not too worried that I'm too silly...And did you know that another superhero power is to read out loud from books? And sing? And play guitar? You know, other that being thoughtful and gentlemanly and the flying thing. And superheroes sometimes say things like, "you know, I always thought it would be fun to fix up a house" (what?!? Well...I do have this one thing...wink wink)

It finally snowed...no accumulation, yet it was swirling down from the sky in such an amazing and beautiful way...I sometimes forget how amazing and magical it is to have weather...although, I may be able to sneak away for a little hike on Christmas day due to the no weather thing...but still...

I'm off my little monkeys...for another wonderful day...a little last minute running around...a special date with Dina (ahh...Company Christmas parties rock) And perhaps, just perhaps, I will remember to pull out the camera and start some documentation of said random life...


thatgirldina said...

Hey there hot stuff! I can't wait for tonight! I think the party starts at 7. I'll call with the skinny in a bit.

Sounds like your holiday week rush is off to a great start!

See you soon my sweet!

sulu-design said...

Have fun at the party. I'm always jealous of company holiday parties!

Jolene George said...

I love your random stuff...those kisses are addicting!


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