07 December 2006


There was a hockey game last night...I had 2 tickets (thanks to Dina)

I had no date.

Did I go alone?

Yes I did...

Was I lonely? A bit. And by a bit means, I was way out of my comfort zone (and not just because the girl behind me was a screamer!)

Perhaps sporting events are not the best things to attend alone, yet not only did I not want to waste the tickets, but I wanted to go. So, go I did. Which I suppose should make me reflect on my bravery or boldness or something...but, I just really wanted to go, and I don't think that me being slightly uncomfortable should stop me from doing anything (and I'll have you know, I stayed almost to the end...then came home and treated myself with a bubble bath and a cuppa' tea) I've been spending quite a bit of my time lately reflecting and thinking about things in my life (I do that quite a bit actually...you know, in between everything else) And yesterday, I had a couple of epiphanies:

1. I sometimes am so busy in my head, trying to figure things out...how to do them, or how they should be or look...that I forget to enjoy things. Really enjoy them, and be in the moment. I'm drawing all these things to me that I really want in life...and then I worry about how they appear, and it's OK for me to slow down and enjoy them...silly girl.

2. This really goes along with the other one...In looking at how things appear in my life, I get uncomfortable if they are not the way they were in the past, and don't know how to act...yet, I have been really working at changing things in my life, and that means doing things differently because I am not always happy with the results of my past...then yesterday (perfect timing) I found this quote in a book that summed it up really well for me:

"Sometimes it is only in retrospect that we can see that we were given another chance at life, a new relationship or whatever, but because we were too busy reacting to the past, we missed the opportunity at something radically new."

Oh yeah...that made me laugh out loud at myself! To actually change something or do something different than you've done in the past...you have to do it a totally different way...no matter how uncomfortable or unfamiliar it feels...or how different it looks to everyone else, without using the shadow of the past to predict the future.

So, armed with this new information...it was perfectly fine for me to attend the hockey game alone...perfectly radically new (even with a little last minute panic phone call) Life seems to be a series of leaps of faiths doesn't it?

And...thank you everyone for the sweet comments of the past few days...as always, I feel honored that you visit me...and the winner of a set of softie trees is...

(go figure girl...you won it!)
I feel like I want to make a set for everyone though...sigh.
I will do the presentation of the trees tonight...if we're still on for soup and fun?! (call me)


Chickenbells said...

Hope your evening was a milestone and not a millstone and you weren't too uncomfortable in your comfort zone...Love, Me

(from my mother...because she couldn't post...man, what is up with the comments on Blogger some days?!?!)

thatgirldina said...

Go you! What a great post today...very inspiring and insightful. Love the quote! So true!

I'm happy you went to the game even without a date. Sometimes the best nights are the ones spent alone. For some reason, for me anyway, I seem to "absorb" more of what's going on around me when I venture out by myself. Had I been home, I would have loved to have joined you, but I was stuck at the office until after 8 last night. Not sure how much fun I would have been though...all sick and cough-y like.

I cannot even begin to tell you how giddy I am that I won the drawing. I NEVER (never, ever, evah!) win anything. And such the cool prize! I can't wait to display them on my freshly painted mantle. I'm suddenly feeling so unbelievably lucky. I think I'll buy a lottery ticket this week. :)

The plan for tonight is still up in the air unfortunately. But, I will call for a chit-chat a bit later to discuss.

Happy Day Miss Sadie!

capello said...

i'm not a sports person, i couldn't imagine going by myself.

good for you for stepping out of that comfort level.

and i'm nervous just thinking about it.


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