27 December 2006

My Sister...

Has been here for the past week visiting. Her birthday is on Christmas, and we celebrated it after the big holiday hoopla. And while I love this girl in so many ways...I have to admit that it wasn't always that way.

We are 7 years apart...and when I found out my mother was pregnant, I remember saying, "...no, I'm not excited...and it better be a boy" You see, I had a huge problem sharing.

And then on Christmas those many years ago we had to leave my cousins and grandmother's house early so my mom could go home and have a baby (her only home birth...9 and a half pounds is a great way to experience that one!!)

There were many years of tension (putting it nicely...no one would take us together on vacations, except my mom because we fought so much) And then it stopped.

...And I see my sister as the most amazing person. I am constantly in awe at her courage and intelligence in the face of the journey that she's been on in this life. She is creative...making and putting together clothes and her home...and I always look forward to her coming home and cleaning out my closet...sometimes in a not so gentle way ("we all make fun of you behind your back when you wear that") Not only does that make me get rid of stuff...but it makes me laugh!

She's so funny...and beautiful, I had such a hard time choosing among the pictures for this post...because I see her glow in a different way than I ever have before. She's like this rock in my life somewhere that reminds me that we're all a little crazy...and that I need to remember to have fun...because I'm that serious person sometimes.

And, I know you can't live here anymore Thais...and you're happy with where you're at, but I want you to know how much I miss you every day now, and how much I love and appreciate having you in my life...you're the best sister in the world...I can't imagine going through life without you...your strength and boldness...light and laughter...your extreme creativity...inspires me.

I love you


Jolene George said...

Your sister is a cutie...now you're glad your mom had a girl!

Kate said...

She is looking so much like your mom!

Hi Thais (if you are seeing this), you look beautiful. Glad you are doing so well!

ps. cute doll in the background!


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