08 December 2006

...I'm dancing...

...is exactly what I said to dear Dina when she called me last night.

"Why? You are? Who else is there?"

"No one, just me..."

dancing. alone. to my 80's CD.

I was singing too...I failed to mention that (I swear this is the best $8 Target investment I've ever made) Mostly because I am a goofball...and also because I'm celebrating being alive. Go figure...something must have shaken loose going to the game Wed. night, I tell you, if you spend enough time alone, you may dance and sing too...Is this a good thing?

I wonder if this feeling will translate into me decorating the Christmas tree? Probably not...and there is a nasty rumor going around that I will be having a Christmas party at the house next Saturday night. Which means I may have to clean up around here too...So...a few slices of cheese, some crackers and a couple bottles of wine too?


Which may lead to even more dancing and singing...of course, this may be with actual people in the house...although don't get too excited, I won't be performing...I'll be expecting my guests to join in. So:

  • wine
  • cheese
  • crackers
  • disco ball

And...onto my little secret...an actual three day weekend...starting right after work (and you can believe that I need this one!) I anticipate fun with friends from the new space I find myself in...and here's a shout out to all in town...Don't forget about Creative Sunday...I would love to see you here...I'm planning on starting at 11...

(and did anyone else notice the poor candy cane reindeer? What happened to his eye??? Does no one get through the holiday season without being unscathed?)


sulu-design said...

Wow. Congratulations on your big realizations. Enjoy revelling in them during your three day weekend!

thatgirldina said...

Horray for 3 day weekends! Today we were planning on taking a trip downtown to visit your shop, but it just won't be the same without you there. We did try to come by last night, but all was dark at Foolsewoode. I hope you were out enjoying your evening.


Jolene George said...

You just dance and sing away...lifes too short not to be a goof ball. :o) I remember making candy cane reindeer when I was a kid.

Amy said...

Yay wine and cheese party!! I'll be there with bells on - especially for the cheese!!! Oh yeah, and the dancing! And the wine!


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