27 June 2007


Thrifting and Yard Sailing has been lack-luster at best.

Really, a big yawn.

I've been jealously coveting every other blogger out there with their wonderful "scores", and tripping around my town wondering...

wondering when it was going to be my turn?

Now, this isn't a post about some big haul, or heaps of wonderful piles of things littering my
house. No, this is a post about one thing.

One tiny little thing.

To set the stage: I was wandering aimlessly around listening to the Nano (as I am wont to do in the mornings walking down to work, and then into the thrift, limiting my interaction with as many people as possible before I get to Snap Snap to start my day...which also leaves me wondering if I sing too loudly, and I am not at all aware of it? No matter...) I picked up a few clothing items for some kiddos in my life, a little journal for me (reading a new book with all sorts of exercises for me to journal) and a CD I once owned, and wanted to download some songs from (I worked out that it would be cheaper for me to rebuy a copy rather than get them from iTunes) and be-bopped over to the botique side of the Salvation Army...

This is where they put the things they deem more important and thus more expensive than the regular side of the store. I was humming away to Morrisey when I turned around and spied a little owl.

A Little Plastic Owl.

...that caught my eye because it kind of reminded me of the one from The Clash of the Titans movie (oh, I loved that movie so very much...I heard they were remaking it...what a shame)

So, I walked over to it.

And picked it up.

See the gold wings, feet, and little head piece?
See the beautiful rhinestone eyes?

See the speaker in the back?


Oh yes my friends, this is a transistor radio.

You turn it on with the right eye, and dial in with the left.

I stopped in my tracks. Dead. Just stood there for the longest time. Time stopped and pinpointed into that one little moment...just me, Morrisey and a little owl. I honestly looked around at this point waiting for the mob of people to jump on me, force me to the ground and wrestle this little gem out of my hand (that's never happened yet, but I figure I'm one step away...mostly because every once in a while I want to do that when I see someone get something I want...cause' there were these vintage kitchen towels last Friday...?)

I have never had a transistor radio. Never. My cousins all did. But I did not.

Now I know why...

Cause there was this sweet little owl just waiting for me to find her (so what if we're now a few years away from the 70's?)

Because I love her...

I love this $4 owl.


capello said...

whoa. that owl is amazing!

Mary said...

What a great find!

Catalyst said...

I'll give you $5 for it!

velvet brick said...

LOL!! Oh gosh, girl... She is just too adorable and YES!! You SO NEEDED her and she needed a new home! I've never seen anything like it... what a treasure! You crack me up, Miss S....
Oh, btw... check out your stylin' pictures with the new toy! VERY nice, indeedy!
: )

Anonymous said...


sulu-design said...

Beyond cool. I'm speechless.

celeste said...

excellent! what a fabulous find! (i completely understand your story about the blog folks getting great deals - this find puts you *right*up*there*)

Wende said...

She's lovely. Going to give her a name??

And I feel you on the thrift front. Lately, it's been bone dry here.

Rusty said...

NICE! I used to have an owl count at the flea market. Somedays there were an awfully lot of owls...but never saw one of these. I just have a flask that looks like a transistor radio...yawn.

Granny J said...

An excellent Owl. I covet it.


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