07 June 2007

Happy 4th!!

...um, yeah,

A little early here right?

This gives me visions of being a child, running around the house pleading with my mother (a can of spray snow and window stencils in one hand, and some twinkling lights in the other) to please let me decorate for Christmas...

You see, my mother is not a huge decorator...or rather, she has all the wonderful things to decorate with, she just prefers to wait. Could it be because she was a single mom with 2 kids and there were more important things to do? perhaps. Mostly though, I think it's the fact that she really enjoys all the holidays in between the holidays...earth based celebrations as well as the changing of the seasons.

And just because she had an overachiever first born running around with the idea of, "if I'm gonna' decorate, I'm gonna' put it up as early as possible so that I can enjoy it!" didn't sway her, and it still doesn't. Even now, I go over to her house and try to get her to decorate early (and please realize that most of the time I am a strong starter and a weaker finisher...I, of course, blame that on being an Aries)

And, can I help it if I'm a neurotic um, enthusiastic person?

Or, that the marketing people are putting more and more decorations in the stores earlier?

Or, that I own a store, and that in the spirit of all holidays, I need to decorate early?

How about the fact that I live in the town that boasts the World's Oldest Rodeo?

Maybe it's just the simple fact that I enjoy creating things for my home and then decorating. There is nothing like the sight of red white and blue buntings hanging outside a historic home...it's just beautiful, and brings back the memories of a simpler time...

Like when I used to wrap my own Christmas presents as a child...

you know, so the presents would be under the tree in time for Christmas?

( What?! I never looked at what they were, I hate to ruin surprises...plus, I got to set up a little wrapping station in my bedroom at home, it was sooo fun!)


Tonya said...

Oh I just can't wait to see your home. Great decor.

capello said...

aaaiiieee!! so cute!

and i use to wrap my own presents too. but i'd wrap them after i unwrapped them.

velvet brick said...

oh, does THIS bring back memories??
We spend our summers in Prescott, and I'll never forget being in that oh, so famous Prescott Fourth of July parade around the courthouse! I wore a torquoise cowgirl outfit (shirt and skirt) with white fringe and pearl buttons, cowboy boots and a red cowgirl hat! There I was...all 6 years of me...riding high in the saddle on a little pony! I loved it and at STILL remember that thrill! I love 4th of July decorations.... I wish I had it in me to do some... Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane... (sigh)

Wende said...

Ooh, I was the designated gift wrapper as a kid. :D

And this reminds me, I need to order bunting for the house. Yikes, better get on that ASAP.

sulu-design said...

Man, you really do it up right! I've never seen such a festive house - and you do it for every holiday. Amazing!


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