06 June 2007

A Bit of a...

spring zephyr

(As they would say in Winnie The Pooh...of which I am a big fan.)

Ah yes, there has been a wind a blowin' through Northern Arizona lately...making everything dry out a little more.
And why am I surprised?

After all these years living up here, you think I'd be used to it, or at the very least, I would remember that it does indeed do this every year at this time...and usually for quite a while as well. Just enough to make you think you may go crazy, then it stops...

and gets hot...

That's AZ for you...

But, the best part is, it's blowing clouds in (and right back out again quite fast) and lately, when I come home in the afternoon, it is quite cool in the house, and I don't need to put on the window fans...

Have I mentioned that I don't have air conditioning? Most of us locals do not have air.

We're tough.
We like to sweat.
We like to complain incessantly to anyone who will listen:
"it never used to get this hot"

Another good thing is that I have a swamp cooler in the shop...which is where I spend most of my time during the days anyway. And the swamp cooler works great...

Until it gets humid...

(then we start complaining about how it used to rain more too...and that you could set your watch to the clouds moving in...and the monsoons)

It's tough living in paradise.


Wende said...

Oh see, up here we'd say:

We're tough.
We like to freeze.
We complain incessantly to anyone who will listen: This is the worst Winter ever!

Shari said...

Happy Windsday!

(I have never been able to actually say that on a Windy Wendesday before...)

A Very Blustery Day indeed!

Gadget said...

Humid you say? Here in Prescott? Hmmm.

Go hang out in Orlando during the month of August, then we'll talk humid. :)

Granny J said...

I'm always amazed at the difference a couple of clouds make in the temps -- if they're sitting right in front of that blazing AZ sun, that is. I have a great view east, so I can watch the storms build over the Bradshaws comes July/August. In my past lives, weather was always something that came from Elsewhere. It's wonderful to be able to see it being created out your front windows.


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