18 June 2010

Tsunami on the Square Week Countdown :: Day 5

Circus Camp!

Yesterday DaNece and I took a quick walk over to Prescott Middle School and the grounds of Circus Camp...a camp that is held during the week of Tsunami for 4 days.  This year it was Mon - Thurs from 9-12:30 and the biggest group of kids that Circus Camp has had yet, in its 6 years of operation.

The Kids looked like they were having a blast.

I mean, I would love to attend Circus Camp, and learn things like:

Costume Making.


Balancing and Hula-Hoop.


Stilt Walking.

(or not so much for those of us who are afraid of heights)


And a few more stations that we didn't go to...an hour is just not enough time!

So, in all actuality, there is an entire generation of Prescott children that do not know that not being able to juggle or walk on stilts, make your own costumes or puppets...is not something other children do.

One of the best perks of being a Circus Camp kid is that you get to march in the Tsunami Kick-Off Parade starting at noon that leads the whole festival that day...So, I will have the honor of marching with these kids tomorrow morning.

(it's good I worked so hard getting my costume ready, isn't it?)

After documenting some of the things that go in to Tsunami and being included in the back ground this week (although I just realized today that I did a count down to Tsunami with a count up in days.  Thank you for being so sweet and not pointing that out.  Ahem) I have such a great appreciation for all the hard work and team effort it takes to pull off a festival this large.  We have an amazing Executive Director Andrew Johnson-Schmit, who is really good at organizing people and easy to work with (not to mention his lovely wife, whom I've had fun getting to know better...I see good clean debauchery up ahead...) and a pretty darned fantastic staff, and it has been my extreme pleasure to meet and work with these people and I look forward to continuing on in this Tsunami pursuit of mine in the future!

Tsunami is a great gathering place to see and experience art for both children and adults in a different way than you normally get to when say, going to a gallery or a museum.  The act of sitting in an audience and having an exchange of energy between performers and audience is an incredible experience and one that I am happy to have had a small hand in providing for my community this year.

I may not be performing on the stage...but I've done a lot of performing off the stage to help make it possible for other people to do their thing this year.

Tsunami on the Square 2010 starts at Noon on Saturday the 19th...we'll see you there!

Some of the other things that I did not get to mention or attend are:

Flourish Before the Flood:  A nature interactive dance performance which was performed by members of Prescott College at a point of Granite Creek Park.  This performance usually happens the Thursday before Tsunami and charges a small fee to attend.

The Aqua Party:  This is happening tonight, Friday the 18th at Taj Mahal from 8-10, and is free to the public.  Juanita will be our fantastic MC, and we have four groups performing....The Aqua Party is the party the night before the event that psychs everyone in town up for Tsunami the next day!  If you're in town...come on down and check it out, it should be great.

The Official Tsunami on the Square Programs and T-Shirts:  I just received my copy of the Program hot off the presses.  They were designed by Dina, as were the posters, the Sponsor Sheets, and The T-shirts.  They all match and have a great tie-in and fantastic graphics.  You can get your Tsunami Program on the square at the event for a $1 donation, and the T-shirts will be available for $12 each or 2 for $20!

We'll see you at Tsunami!


Anonymous said...

Count me in for the circus... I gotta pass on stilt walking though. I'm dangerous enough in tennis shoes...LOL!

Suzanne said...

I'm anxious to see all your photos and hear how it went!


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