13 June 2010

The Flamingos Have Arrived...

When one thinks of flamingos one doesn't necessarily immediately think of Arizona.  In fact, when I think of flamingos, I usually think Florida, or the Zoo...or even Airstreams (as they are kind of the official mascot of the silver traveling twinkies)  And I thank the heavens above that someone out there decided at some point in the past that everyone should have a shot of owning a couple of flamingos by making them into iconic yard art.

Maybe tacky?

But come on...

Where else is a girl going to get her hands on flamingos if not in overly colorful plastic yard art?   I mean, real flamingos need water and special plankton to make their feathers colorful, and I have no idea that even if I provided these things how I would be able to keep a couple of rather large birds standing in the yard exactly how I want them?  So, it's safe to say that this girl has always wanted some fantastic pink plastic...and would love to have held out for the vintage concrete ones, but I think they're far and few between.

So, yesterday while out looking for things to complete the costumes I'm making for my participation in the Tsunami on the Square Kick-off Parade I stumbled upon these beauties that practically squawked to go home with me...winking their little eyes and wiggling their tail-feathers (which one can agree is most difficult when twistie-tied into cardboard packaging)

I hesitated just a moment when I walked around the corner of the store to see there was also a lovely solar Tiki guy, who's eyes light up after he's been charged by the sun...but I just had to go back and grab these pink plastic beauties.  And you know I'm still thinking of that solar Tiki God...

My friend Arthur who manages a nursery immediately informed me that they have Skeleton Day of the Dead flamingos in his shop...and he seasonally gets in flamingos dressed as Santa and a reindeer.


Just think of the seasonal flamingo possibilities!

Tacky yard art knows no bounds...

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