02 June 2010

An Open Blog To The Gray Hair That's Taken Up Residence In My EyeBrow...

Are you kidding me?

Look what I found this morning during my regular spiffing up routine.  Right in the middle of putting on my face (this is what my grandmother always called it) I found a big ole' long gray hair in my eyebrow.  And by long I mean, how blind have I been to this?  I mean...it's a mostly stark white gray hair in there...nestled amongst the other ones...and it's long.

These things can't grow overnight can they?

I refuse to believe that my new contacts are the wrong prescription.
(or that I'm not that aware of the things that are growing on my face)

I understand that as we get older there's some sort of chemical scientific nonsense that goes on in our bodies, like the fact that they're wearing out, that makes us not be able to grow our every day normal colored hair in places that it's been growing just fine and dandy for years.  It's like our bodies are giving up being able to expend the extra effort to add color...or keep our skin firm.

I get it.

Clairol gets it...

I get it so well, that I totally got it in my twenties...when I changed my hair color from a graying blond to a red head  (we gray extraordinarily early in my family.  I'm unsure whether the cause it genetics or our own personal life choices...)  And I remember having to hold my sister up from fainting dead away when I showed her my first grays.

She doesn't like anything that may hint that anyone is getting older.

Somewhere my sister is fainting over my eyebrows.

I, however, realize that this is a necessary fact of life, all this aging and graying and sagging...I figure if I grow in wisdom that's bound to make up for it (although, I'm looking at the fine lines that are popping up on my face and I'm starting to wonder)  and looking back over my life, I can point out several things that may have caused gray hairs.

But in my eyebrows?

We can only guess at what's coming next in the gray area.

And I have no idea what to do with it.  I don't think I can dye it to match the head on my hair, because I think there's a big warning on the box because it's too close to your eyes?  I honestly have no clue, but I personally would imagine it's because the dye would not stay perfectly in place on my eyebrows and would then drip down my face, and in the course of waiting for all the grays to go, I would have have drips dyed onto my skin.  Which is fine if one is say, Alice Cooper...and he does live in Arizona, so I'd hate for people to get us all confused.

Do I pluck it?
I mean, once you start plucking hairs don't they grow back two-fold?

Yeah, after all the care I try to take in applying make-up, anti-aging salves, waxing, shaving, working out, and any of the other voodoo that I participate in to keep myself young and healthy looking, that's about the last thing I need...big bushy gray eyebrows. 


I suppose it's just a matter of time before I look like Einstein.


JenLark said...

ahahaha! the hair down there; now that's funny Sadira!

Anonymous said...

I don't dye mine anymore. I figure since I've earned it, I should show it off proudly...(at least for now).

I know what you mean, tho. I have a gray one popping up on my right inner brow...

Anonymous said...

Woah! How did you get the "Seriously" on the picture?!!!

Wende said...

I've had white, shock white eyebrow hairs since I was 19. Dye, dye, dye.. pluck. Rinse, lather, repeat. :D

Rozzilyn said...

That has GOT to be bad news; big time!!!

Oh, and by the way, the person who said, "Woah! How did you get the 'seriously' on the picture"? That was me.


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