04 June 2010

Food Fights For Freedom...

OK...while it's totally not accurate that I'm running around lobbing bits of food at people in the name of freedom, apparently this was the case in World War 2 here on the home front.

I've heard of victory gardens of red, whites, and blues, and collecting scrap metal, but never did I expect that people would be throwing around a valuable commodity such as their bread and butter.  Literally.

Oh wait.

You're totally right.

I read that wrong didn't I?

Well, there goes the image of someone running down the street yelling, "Live Free or Die!" while throwing eggs and tomatoes at your windows.

During wartime rationing, it was responsible to treat your food with respect and learn how to stretch it as far as it could possibly go...along with your budget.

Responsibility in rationing, but probably not as fun as it would be to hold a gigantic food fight in your neighborhood while wearing red, white, and blue...But, perhaps something to think about this Independence Day!

I may bring some old food I'm not using any more to the Fourth of July Parade and see how that goes over.

Then again, this is the Wild West, so maybe not so much on the old food thing.

I just acquired this little Wartime Meat Recipe Book a little bit ago from one of my mother's stores Gypsy Street Antiques.  As you know, I happen to collect little premium recipe books and I just adore this one.

What really drew me to this particular book is not the varied and odd ways there are to cook meats and other organs, but the fact that I totally look like that when I'm in the kitchen...Like a fabulous Pin-Up Girl Kitchen Hottie.

I keep wondering how the heck someone got this rendering of me without me knowing it?!?!


I don't look like that (my hair is much shorter) I wish I looked like that.  Sometimes I feel like that in the kitchen...And, I probably have that particular apron tucked away somewhere so that's gotta' count for something.

I also really adore the fact that this cook-book of Meat Point Pointers (although a good pointer for me would actually be the definition of a Meat Point...?  Cause the only pointy thing I see on this cook-book is the thing in her hand, and I'm pretty darned sure that's the pencil she uses to make her grocery list...or mark something off in what looks like a Ration Book that she's holding...) was from a time when people really needed to watch their budgets and get a little more creative.  Kind of like life now...And the fact that it was given away from a little Home Ice & Supply Compnay that sold Ice, Coal, and Food Lockers!  Now that's a business worth having...

I'm still threatening my friends and family that I will someday be going through all of these books and having various dinner parties centered around some of the more colorful dishes...

Which may mean that I, myself, may either get rationed from my friends or have a whole lot of food fighting going on at Foolsewoode.

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