14 June 2010

Tsunami on the Square Week Countdown :: Day 1

Today starts the Official Tsunami on the Square week countdown here at Foolsewoode!

(it's because I'm on the board and we've all been working our tails off to bring the good people of Prescott an outstanding Festival)

(oh...and because I love my Tsunami!!)

I personally began the morning running a whole bunch of posters and lobby cards I'd made...along with some of my vintage umbrellas down to National Bank for the lobby display.  National Bank gave us Business of the Week this week...which is perfect, because it will lead right up to the day before Tsunami.

  So, if you're in the downtown area and want to start getting excited for Tsunami, visit National Bank on the corner of Gurley St. and Cortez St.
You will also want to swing by the Prescott Public Library and check out the Tsuami display in the large display case...I didn't personally have more to do with it than the loan of a couple more umbrellas...and when I went to put them in the case I was blown away!  It is an awesome display designed and installed by a couple more board members and I just adore it...It brings a ton of color to that corner of the library.

Today is also the official start of Circus Camp...Which is a much anticipated event here in Prescott for children and young adults.  The Camp runs for 4 days:  The 14th-17th from 9-12:30 and is an amazing deal at only $12 per day...and it happens to be right behind Snap! Snap! in the Middle School football field...so I had to run down there and take a picture of this fine group of children...because by the end of the week, most of them will be on stilts and juggling and in costume!

I actually have plans to go to Circus Camp on the last day, so I will try to remember to snap some pictures while I'm there.  A lot of my friends children have attended Circus Camp over the years, and many of them are down there today.  One of the best things about the camp besides learning really wonderful and unusual skills is the fact that the kids are all invited to participate in the Kick-Off Parade at Noon the day of Tsunami.


It's like we're training a whole group of home-grown talent for future festivals...how great would it be to see The Square filled with past and current participants of Circus Camp from Prescott?

I think that would be pretty awesome!

Please remember to set your watches and mark your calendars for Saturday June 19th at Noon and join us down on The Square for an amazingly magical day!


Suzanne said...

Can't wait! I was even telling my principal about it, who will be in Prescott with her family for the weekend too!

Anonymous said...

I know you'll be very busy... Enjoy the heck outta this event. Sounds like tons of fun!


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