24 June 2010

Fashion Wise? The 80's Are Back...

And you'll all be happy to know that I plan to celebrate this, not with a Choose Life or Frankie Says Relax t-shirt...but with a lesser known 80's fashion statement:  The Boxer Shorts.

I do have a strange and fabulous affinity for men's boxer shorts and I wore them all through the 1980's (usually the more vintage the better)


I'm now kind of pondering if I was the only person who had this strange obsession with men's boxer shorts or if it was a mass consciousness thing?  Darn my memory.

Well, this is my blog, so I guess I'll write it the way I want.

Back in the day, boxer shorts were hot!

(There.  I hate to feel I was not in style for heavenssake!)

(Besides, I never got a Choose Life or Frankie Says Relax tee in the 80's...which totally bumms me out to no end mostly because I can't imagine that either of those things cost a whole heck of a lot of money and I did have a job all the way through the 80's...I'm just chalking it up there with the not getting a Baby Alive or an Easy Bake Oven...sigh)

So, rather than go with loud crazy pseudo fluorescent clothing that is back in the stores (and as my mother informed me IN the 80's happened to really be in during the 60's...and it was just another sad fashion repeat) I am going with my love of men's skivvies.

That are bought at the thrift store.

Only these one's aren't really that vintage, but they are kind of retro-cowboy.  Making the idea, "Boxers or Briefs Hoss?!"  pop into my head...which is a little better than what's been ruminating in there for the past 24 hours.

I'll totally be ready for The Worlds Oldest Rodeo here in a handful of days!

Not that I go.

But if I did, I think these boxers would look pretty hot with my Cowboy Boots...


Suzanne said...

Comfy, oh yes. I at least wore them to bed, and still do (but a pair made for women).

Bobbypin Bandit said...

I love the print! I still have my frankie says relax tshirt. Its neon pink!


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