15 June 2010

Tsunami on the Square Week Countdown :: Day 2

Our Proud Sponsors...

While Tsunami on the Square is a totally free event to attend for the public...it is by no means free behind the scenes.  Tsunami prides itself on paying, feeding, and sometimes housing all their performers!  This Festival now in it's twelfth year, is a Community Sponsored Event, meaning that there are a lot of businesses and members in our community of Prescott AZ (along with grants from other places) that ensure this festival can be continued year after year.

With so much talk about the down economy...Tsunami lost some grant money that they've counted on in the past.  This gave those of us behind the scenes the opportunity to really become creative and invited us to get out and talk to our fellow community leaders, members, and business owners...and they didn't let us down.  I personally thought it was exciting to give everyone in our community the chance to help sponsor what has become in some people's eyes, a favorite event in Prescott.  Snap!  Snap! has been overlooked in the past as a sponsor and I jump at the chance to back this event...I personally wanted to give everyone the opportunity to do so, and in turn give the people of Prescott and our other audience members a chance to see how we local businesses and private parties can come together and really put on a show!

Prescott didn't let us down...they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and helped in any way that they could...even people who had never sponsored Tsunami before gave me a thumbs up...we brought in the Antique Stores (who have been a constant support to the local economy) Pasquales Place (a family owned Greek restaurant)   And here we are, dancing on the doorstep of another fabulous Week of Tsunami on the Square because of it!

In fact, when you're at The Festival this year, take a moment to pause at our Donor Information Booth.  There are a lot of good community members represented there...and hard working people who helped bring you Tsunami on the Square once again, and I know they would both appreciate your support and they would also love it if you gave them a thank-you the next time you were visiting them for their involvement in Tsunami or heck, take a moment to tell them how much you enjoy the festival.  As a business owner of fifteen years in the community, I am honored to be included in this list of fine Prescott establishments...and I am tickled to death to be able to sponsor Tsunami for my own enjoyment...and heck, if you're down on The Square on June 19th...come and enjoy it with me!

On my morning walk downtown, I couldn't help but smile when I saw all our colorful Tsunami posters right next to the Rodeo posters and fliers for other goings on.  We have so much community support now, and it's making Prescott a more colorful world indeed!

Here's at list of the 2010 Tsunami on the Square Supporters and Sponsors:

New Frontiers
Prescott Coffee Roasters
The Raven Cafe
Bill's Pizza
The Frame and I/The Art Store
Bucky's Casino
Prescott Area Arts and Humanities Council
Child and Family Support Services
Academy of Performing Arts
Rich Charpentier
Pangea Bakery
Snap! Snap!
Firehouse Kitchen
Taj Mahal
Prescott Convention and Visitors Bureau
ASIS School of Massage
Dr. Susan Godman - Partners in Healthcare Naturally
Sun Qi/Defreitas Landscaping
T. Barnabas Kane Landscaping
Unitarian Universalist Church
Prescott College
Van Gogh's Ear
The Cortez St. Antique Shops (including:  Penningtons, Keystone Antiques, The Crowded Attic, Lost in Sports, Gypsy Street Antiques, The Merchandise Mart, DeJa Vu)
St. Michael's Alley (including:  The Silver Elephant and Solstice)
Springhill Suites/Marriott
Prescott Community Access Channel - Access 13
Out of Africa

The Motor Lodge

Eye on the Mountain
Arizona Commission on the Arts

Coyote Joes/Annies Attic

(and I could have left someone out...I'm sorry for that.  We also have an amazing board and a crew of volunteers that make me want to stand up and applaud)

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