17 June 2010

Tsunami on the Square Week Countdown :: Day 4

Last night I had the pleasure of attending The Big Brothers Big Sisters Pizza Party and Tsunami Parade Banner Making Party...phew, that was a mouth full.

Let me tell you, there was some serious creativeness flying around that room!  These kids were all geared up to do some very colorful and fun art, and they did not disappoint.

The Bigs and Littles here wanted so badly to be a part of Tsunami and contribute in some way, our fearless leader Andrew was able to include them in this way:  They were invited to make our banners and then carry them in the kick-off parade at Noon on Saturday before the Opening Ceremonies at Tsunami on the Square.

It was so fun to see how different and carefully they made each banner for every individual Parade Sponsor this year.

Up there you see Pangaea Bakery with a little heart that says "BBBS loves Pangaea!"  I concur...There's the Cortez St. Antique Row rolling along on the Tsunami waves (which they're totally doing this year) and Rich Charpentier Photography...who had a whole lot of glitter on his banner.

(someone discovered the glitter shortly before we left...thank heavens!)

Snap!  Snap! is a proud parade sponsor this year...and I'm totally digging my sign.  Look at that awesome border!  I mean, if you're a long-time shopper of Snap! Snap! you would remember that in addition to making all of my own signs I once used to use a border kind of like that...how did they know?!  Plus?  I got some pretty snazzy looking deco lettering...and I like that my Tsunami on the Square part of the poster actually includes a square...instead of just the word.

Love it!

But my very most favorite part of the sign?

This tiny little blond haired girl on the right hand corner with her hands in her pocket.


It totally reminds me of me when I was s child back when I personally had long blond hair.

Back when I used to pose for Parade Banners?

Purely I jest.

I just love this little girl...she seems so appropriately placed on my banner...and I believe I'm the only one with a person, so I feel very honored.

These kids are very very good.

So...I will be marching in the Tsunami Kick-Off Parade this Saturday at Noon if you would like to come down and give me a wave...I will be in a very special costume for the parade (that I will be making tonight after yoga...nothing like waiting till the last minute.  Ahem.)

Also?  If you live in town and have a few extra hours to spare, won't you consider checking in to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program?  You can make a huge difference in a child's life.


Anonymous said...

Those signs are awesome! I'm loving all the community support in this event. You all run a good program... a parade, skit-mercials, and signs made with love-- Who could ask for anything more!

Suzanne said...

Hope it is fantastic, and I'm wishing we could be there. :(

Melina said...

Those signs are so lovely and colorful, they look like candy in a candy store window!


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