25 June 2010

Ink Complete...

Last night I went and got the rest of the design inked on my arm.  The completed design from last night is a Celtic Knot arm band, made of tree branches with apples and leaves.  It is both organic and structured, fits perfectly along with the owl from 6 weeks ago...and totally reminds me of Snow White.

Which is a bit surprising as Snow White was the farthest thing from my mind when I designed this tattoo.

The way Tony inked the knot almost looks like a flowing ribbon, with black and brown shading and leaving some of my skin without color at all...it's breathtakingly beautiful and was not at all what I had in my head.

He told me that it's what he had in his head...so at least one of us had something in their head.

I'm personally glad it was the artist in this case...

I had both Rich photo and DaNece come down during the beginning...as I was a bit more nervous for this part of the tattoo, seeing as it was wrapping around my arm and whatnot...but I'll let you in on a little secret if you promise not to tell anyone:

It didn't hurt as bad as everyone kept saying it would.

I mean, I could be tougher than I give myself credit for...even Tony was impressed as I only stretched once when he was changing colors.  But honestly?  The pain don't last forever, and if you breathe into the area, the pain kind of goes away...not to mention after a while, your endorphins kick in and make everything a bit more numb.

I'm feeling a little tender, swollen, and hot in that area today.
But I'm more bummed about keeping it covered up and sanitary because I can't sit and stare at it all day...but I will be able to soon.

Swollen, red, and hot are normal for a tattoo, as it is an open wound.  Tony has me concentrating on washing it several times a day with plain white soap and after a couple of days, I will be able to apply Lubriderm lotion.  Every tattoo artist has a different regimen, and this one worked very well with the owl, so I'm happy to stick with it.  Besides, after today the tattoo swelling will go down and it won't be quite as tender...this morning I was icing it, and it was already holding cold which I consider to be a very good sign.

I mean...that's a pretty happy face for someone who was a little internally shaky.

I'm so pleased that I'm done with this particular rite of passage/project/Birthday present to myself.  I love the way it turned out...because at first I questioned myself about the size of the Owl the morning after I got it...People besides myself love him though...I've had people walk up to me and give me compliments.  Then I further questioned myself about adding more to that design after I fell in love with him...but oh boy.  When he started and it went in the almost opposite direction I was thinking...I just fell in love.

Tony is an amazing artist, and has a very light touch to boot...he is very sweet and is excited for me to come in a couple of weeks from now to see how everything holds up.  He offers free touch-ups just in case.  Even Rich, who has an aversion to needles felt comfortable after we got started...as really, the needles are so small it more looks like Tony was drawing on my arm...Rich kept remarking, "He's so fast!"

And DaNece...was fine and her only worry was that she was going to start looking at the design books and decide that she needed a tattoo as well.

They're not for everybody, but I love them.  However...I do have only one other tattoo, and it took me close to 20 years to really choose something that I knew I would love equally as well as my first one.  Yes, I'm a little slow...but it's totally worth the wait.

I will post pictures as soon as I'm not so red and swollen...


Wende said...


Your face cracks me up--- you could be getting pedicure not a tattoo!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

You are my hero! I am too scared to get a tattoo!!!!

Suzanne said...

Oh! I wanted to see it!!!!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

You are a very brave girl!


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