16 June 2010

Tsunami on the Square Week Countdown :: Day 3

Commercials + Skits = Skitmercials

Skitmercials = A hilarious skit often lasting less than 5 minutes that in the end?  Advertises a business or product.

This also = a fantastically creative way to get your personal message across to a 7000+ audience in downtown Prescott Az all while benefiting your favorite live Performance Art Festival = Tsunami on the Square.

Which means (with all the math aside...sorry about the word problems, but hang in there with me) without our larger Sponsors and Donors for Tsunami on the Square, it would be so much harder to fund this amazing festival...and if you want to have a Skitmercial performed by our Skitmercial troupe, it's well worth the cost (in fact, Snap! Snap! is thinking about saving its pennies for next year...)

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Skitmercial Previews last night, along with the group of Sponsors and Donors that were having Skitmercials featured for their businesses in this year's festival...and I have to say, I was very impressed.  The collection of 22 Skitmercials this year were both hysterical and entertaining, and totally attention getting and engaging enough to sit and really ask yourself what message are they trying to get across and who on Earth could they possibly be advertising for?

Therefore; waaaay better than TV.

With Skitmercials being a major part in the breaks between performances at every Tsunami...it can't be easy to come up with fresh new ideas every year...but here they were, and doing it in style!

I think people will walk away from Tsunami this year with a lot of businesses both familiar and not so familiar, organized in their brain a whole new way.  In fact, I leaned over to DaNece at one point and said, "ohhhh...maybe we should go there for dinner Friday?"  I realized sitting there watching all this talent, that not only were they advertising for my favorite places in town, but it was like being reintroduced to those places in a whole new way...
And I find more and more lately that I am looking for better ways to spend my money with my local economy and with the people that are helping support the things I enjoy seeing in this community, people I feel I can really connect with...so, I will make a point to visit these places again and let them know how much I enjoyed seeing their Skitmercial at Tsunami and give them a really big Thank You once again!


Anonymous said...

skit-mercials, Now that's clever!

wende said...

Yay for shopping local! And the skitcomercials is a fabulous idea. Looks like you're having an amazing time!


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