22 June 2010


Yesterday's Solstice was brought in by a light colorful meal with friends at Foolsewoode...a kind of impromptu dinner party, if you will.  To tell you the truth, I hadn't even planned anything to celebrate Solstice, but I decided since cooking was happening I might as well name it something.

I was terribly inspired by these ears of corn my mother bought me at last week's CSA...look at all those organic shades of yellow peppered throughout the whole ear.  I can't remember corn being quite this beautiful as usually I only remember it as one uniform shade of yellow.

This corn is an overachiever indeed.

It was cooked to perfection and when I wasn't admiring its exquisite beauty I was eating it with relish.  Well, not relish the pickle concoction...I was actually having it with a smear of soy butter and a dash of salt.
It was calming to be able to appreciate it before I ate it however.

It was a lovely evening out under the stars with candles lit everywhere (well sort of.  It was still a little breezy from the day, so I did a lot of relighting of things quite a bit)  and Italian white wine flowing...from the little medieval village of Orvieto, and a place I've actually had the pleasure of dining myself...on truffles, for my birthday as a matter of a matter.

Sometime towards the end of the evening I realized in some other life of mine that it was my wedding anniversary...or would have been if I was still walking down that path.  It was more of a feeling of curiosity this year when I realized it rather than the pain of feeling like you're missing a vital part of yourself.


The ultimate healer...

If you're not counting overachieving corn that is.

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Anonymous said...

yesterday was my wedding anniversary, as well as the anniversary of my mother's death...


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