03 May 2010

I've taken to placing lit candles in the front window of Foolsewoode in the evenings...

This is not a new tradition by any means, but one that is new to Foolsewoode...as far as lighting candles goes and placing them in windows, I usually have candles just sitting around the house in various places.  To me, these candles symbolize the warmth and security of the family hearth and are signaling loyalty and safety to family members and loved ones who are not currently at home with me...and a sign that I'm still here...

They're pink in color, for love...and there are three for Past, Present and Future.

And not to be confused with candles in the wind.
We have a lot of Spring winds in our parts of AZ and I wouldn't want my curtains to catch fire.

I am especially enjoying the warmth and glow they give to the room I spend most of my time in (if you don't count the sleeping part of the time I spend in the house) and the way that they reflect off of the window...giving the illusion of a double glow...which brings even more light and warmth into the house.

I don't usually find myself lighting a lot of candles in the summer...since the sun's light stretches farther into the days, and somewhere in my mind I associate candles with warmth and winter.  And heaven knows that we have an overabundance of warmth in the summer in AZ, but I have a feeling that this year is going to be different.

There's something sweet and ceremonial that I feel lighting these candles and they are also helping me to signify the end to the day and the transition into the time I get to put my feet up and relax for a bit before I sign off to start another day.

Which when life gets busy, is sometimes just what you need.

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