06 May 2010

A Pause in Which to Take a Breath...

According to my friend Monika on facebook, today is the National Day of Prayer.

I love Monika...she's always so positive.  I also love that we have a National Day of Prayer.  There's nothing more comforting than the idea that we can find a quiet space to ask for what we need, give gratitude, or hold someone else in our thoughts and wish them well.

Whether you meditate or pray, walk or sit in nature...whatever your creative way is to interact with your part of the world's beliefs...it's nice to be reminded to take a little time out to do that.  I know sometimes I have to be reminded...although, it's been a bit of a week for me, so there's been a lot of moments when I've taken the time to stop and be mindful and ask.

Ask for me or someone else, or just breathe and concentrate on finding the beauty that surrounds me that every once in a while I'll totally not notice because my attention is focused on other things...things that I think are important.  This week, what's come with the important has been hand and hand with a lot of emotions.  Oh those emotions.  But, it's amazing when you can remember to take those moments to pause and take a breath, because sometimes you can get in touch with what is more real for you.

And now we have a reminder of a whole day of that.

1 comment:

"Lois Grebowski" said...

HUGS... Prayer is a good thing and such an intimate gift...


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