04 May 2010

Tuesday News...

...as promised.

I have a bit of news for you that seemed like it would be a Tuesday kind of thing...mostly because it was an idea, then an invitation, then a vote.

I am proud to announce that I am the newest board member of Tsunami on the Square!

If you aren't local and have no idea what I'm talking about, please click the above link and see for yourself.  Tsunami is a multi-cultural performance festival that invites locals and non-local artists and performers to perform at The Courthouse Square in downtown Prescott Arizona.  Which includes, but not limited to:  Various ethnic dancing, circus performers, hula-hoops, puppets, black light acting...and more often that not...a fire performance.

The bestest part of all?

It's free.

(with a break)

Totally and completely free for your viewing pleasure!

There is the Main Stage, a children's stage, a vending area...and a few new surprises in the works for this year.

While Tsunami is typically thought of as a one day performance, there is actually other tie-in performances the week of, along with Circus Camp for children, and the newest addition Family Circus Camp (for families and children) happening quite a bit before the Tsunami wave hits the downtown.

It is such a fun and amazing performance and I have been lucky to be on the sidelines watching for the last 12 years and sponsoring through Snap Snap...but this year something changed.  I have been feeling the push to find something more creative I can do in my community...a place in which to volunteer my time and energies, and something I could really get behind.  I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity and one presented itself in an almost accidental way.  So, I jumped on board the ship (so to speak) and found myself riding the Tsunami into downtown Prescott.

And the above picture is one I snapped at the Prescott Area Arts and Humanities Council and includes Executive director (and good friend...and the person who interviewed me for a blogging area gathering for the radio...when I found out that I totally love to talk into a microphone on the radio?  Like...I should get a job on NPR like?)  Andrew Johnson-Schmit, our board president, local hula-hoop board member, Prescott's Mayor, and long time resident Elizabeth Ruffner (her family is a founding family of Prescott)  It was such a great ceremony and one that I felt so lucky to attend as I sat in my chair and felt quite choked up to be in a room full of organizations that are promoting the Arts and Humanities in our area...we are so lucky.


If you are able to be in the area at all please stop by...we would love to see you!

The performance is set for Saturday, June 19th...The Little Wave That Could...with other activities happening in and around town the week before (although, Family Circus Camp just started and is each Saturday of May and you can drop in any time with your family) for anyone who has found themselves complaining that we don't have any culture here in Prescott...this one's for you!

And if you can't be here, then you can certainly check out the website...it is chock full of goodies.  Sign up for the newsletter.  And donate...Donate to keep the arts alive and well in Prescott.  No matter where you are...please support your arts communities in some way.

We're also on facebook...

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Suzanne said...

What is the actual performance on the 19th of June? We we be in town! We're heading up the 18th-20th to visit my dad who has a house up there. Maybe we can check it out and have a visit with you too!


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