24 May 2010

Creativity Rick-Rack Whipped Cream on Top...

Starting the one day weekend with some very thoughtful dessert love from DaNece, whom joined me on when my weekend would usually begin.

I just happened to be a day late for two-full days off.

Meh, I tell you...after getting into the rhythm, I could probably keep working 6-days in a row...it's a busy-rhythm thing.  In fact, when checking my horoscope this morning (this is the one that I'm was going to toss because it usually makes me to stressed out to have a good day, and I forgot and looked anyway, and really...who needs that pressure?) said that I need to hit the ground running and it's not about what I accomplish, but it's about the crazy pace I need to keep up...


I got news for you on that one.

I'm an Aries, I got crazy pace down to an art, and sometimes...just sometimes, we do crazy here very well indeed.

Also on my one day weekend, my friend Ken and I were able to get together and hike.  Hike all over the glory that happens to be Springtime in Prescott...

Green and lush, flowers and water...

And wind.

This wind.

Blowing like crazy...it actually blew cold weather in.  I mean, my heat kicked on at Foolsewoode last night and scared me to death.

We decided that this may indeed be a good day in which to learn to fly.

This wind.

As it was, Ken swept us up one of the hillsides in Groom Creek where it seemed to be a little more protected from all the blustery-ness.  As we hiked up the hillside stopping to search among the trees and seek out all the beautiful green, I half expected to see Pooh Bear and his companions go flying by on this blustery day.  I didn't see them, but I did spot an Owl's nest way high in the pines...which actually looked quite dreamy as the tree was gently rocking back and forth.


I only fell once.

I know.  That's good for me!

I usually fall at least one time when I'm hiking...and this time it was on flat ground (which more often than not is when I do it)  I guess maybe I'm more careful on the rough patches when I keep telling myself in my head that I'm going to fall, and then when I'm least expecting it?


I also crossed a fallen log that was suspended over moving water...conquered both fears on that one:  Heights and running water.  Actually it was more of my standing there raising my left eye-brow while saying, "if you think I'm crossing that, you've got another thing coming..."  Which prompted Ken to hold out a hand, he's very good like that.  I'm getting a wee bit better about asking for help when I'm out hiking...and thank heavens I usually get it.

Although, I kind of wonder what my hiking companions think?

And we found waterfalls...and swimming holes...and more than a few Ziploc bags full of water hanging from trees.


The natural landscape of the forest.

Honestly...it was so weird for us to keep spotting them.  Perplexing even.  I should have taken pictures of the confused faces we were making...

To tell the truth, I honestly couldn't believe there weren't goldfish swimming in them...


And off we went after all that silliness to visit my mother and have some Mexican Crack at Sanch.

I picked up this bit of really great cotton fabric that looks like vintage hankies at one of my mother's shops and had to quick whip it into a skirt when I got home.


I was shocked too...probably not as shocked as my sewing machine, but there you go.

Now I have a sweet summer skirt to wear when it finally gets warm (seeing at it was in the 30's when I hauled tush to the gym this morning...sigh) made totally complete with the addition of some of my vintage red rick-rack on the hem-line.

So, I started the weekend strawberry with whipped cream on top and ended with creativity rick-rack whipped cream on top...


TomboCheck said...

I feel like I've seen that waterfall, only with snow and ice! :) Congrats on the log crossing - that always gives me pause as well.

Anonymous said...

That strawberry looks like the perfect dessert. YUM! And speaking of yum, the fabric is just too cute!

Suzanne said...

All of it looks fantastic!!!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Love that vintage "hanky" fabric. Hope you post a pic of you wearing your new creation!

Magical Mom said...

the baggies with water in them are SUPPOSED to keep flies away. I don't know if it really works and I can't figure out why there would be so many of them out there.
I spent many a summers playing in that water, ahhh the memories!


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