27 May 2010

The Color of New Happens to be Fluorescent Green...

...just in case you were wondering.

You just never really would know that pine trees leaf out needle out have new growth in the Spring unless you happen to shade your eyes and glance just right up and over your shoulder out of the corner of your eye and notice that all the ends of the pine trees that surround you seem to have fluorescent needles on their tips...because they're brand new to the world.


You could be like me, and have an observant guide with you that points it out...and you go, "ohhhh..." and snap a picture like a Bermuda-shorts-wearing-tourist...and then go back to hiking and falling down.

This fluorescent green is reminding me of new growth...new things, just right around that corner up there...which I can almost see around if I stand on my tippy-toes and crane my neck just right.  Before I slowly sink down to the path again, because I know that the only real way to see around that corner is to keep moving forward.  Perhaps I could just stand on your shoulders and see.  But you're right, I don't have that great of balance and I'm slightly afraid of heights.  So, I'll just take it all in and look at all that new growth that's around me instead.

Only...I just happen to keep picturing flowers on the ends.  Of all that change and newness...and I'm kind of wondering what what colors the flowers would be?

Nestled in all that green?

I mean, the trees already happen to have all the tiny sweet brown pine-cones growing on them...and I certainly wouldn't want to change that, but pine-cones often happen to house seeds, so I'm kind of thinking they're more like fruit.

So, maybe orange.

Or pink.

Or iridescent...
(although, that might scare away the owls and the horned toads...but I'm sure faeries would love it!)

So, no flowers for the pine trees...because they're really just fine the way they are.  Unfolding up there on that mountainside season after season, just like the rest of us...only more quiet and observant.  Sometimes I wonder if pine trees weren't so standy and wish they had legs, so they could move and dance and twirl?  I love to dance, and I can't imagine not being able to dance...especially in the forest.

I'm sure they accept themselves just as they are...

But still.  I wonder if they know what they're missing?

Maybe next time I go up onto that mountainside I will paint my hands green and bring flowers to hold and twirl around just so they're included in the dance...

Or the falling down.

You know how I am.


Sophia said...

I did not know that about new pine needles. I HAVE noticed how flourescent green they seem to look this time of year. Now I know! :)

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Watch those knees - I know how you are! :)

Pretty picture; that shade of green is one of my favorites!



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