28 May 2010


Apparently I'm un-aging.

I have had an extraordinary amount of people tell me lately that I am.

The conversation goes something like this, "Sadira!  You look so (pause) great...It's your hair, um...smile...outfit...(pause)  Actually?  You look younger..."


Cause after putting in some serious time at Snap Snap the last two weeks, my body is feeling kind of what Atlas must feel like at the end of the day holding up the World...while my mind feels young (which is not to be confused with immature) (I hope) But I certainly appreciate the compliments, because they're leaving me shocked and a whole lot of smiley...because for the amount of times I have you said, "If I could go back and do everything over with what I know now..."  I'm starting to wonder if I'm actually going to achieve that?  However, and don't by any means get me wrong here, it makes me ponder, if I look so young now, what the heck did I look like before?

(It's like my mom grumbles under her breath in answer to the phrase, "You look exactly the same!!" "Gawd...I looked this old before?"  sigh.)

I'm chalking it up to the fact that I maybe I didn't um, look so appealing before?  So perhaps I just look my age now.


I'm just chalking it up to putting on the right outfit before I leave the house in the morning and I try not to smile too enthusiastically, because I crinkle...and surely then you can tell my age?

Specially right around the eyes.

Even the mailman noticed yesterday as I walked outside after the easel that Snap Snap blew over in the spring winds and Marilyn Monroed my way through picking it up...bending over in the wind in a dress and not exposing your naughty bits is not as easy as it looks.

Believe me.

I chalked my youthfulness on the fact that he was all the way down the block eating his lunch when he saw me...Surely everyone looks younger when you're down the street, and when you're trying to keep your dress from blowing up over your head?

I hope everyone who's staring down a 3-day weekend uses it to have fun...because fun has got to be the number one way to de-age yourself.

And chocolate.
Chocolate is totally in the menu of youth.

(I'm sure exercising, eating right, a flattering hair cut, just the right fitting clothes, knowing how to Spackle apply make-up, and laughing a lot is somewhere in the mix...but fun and chocolate are definitely at the top)


Anonymous said...

You aren't going all Dorian Grey on us... Chocolate is the menu of youth... I'm off to buy a case.... LOL!

Mary said...

Dang! You got some stems, girl! Color me jealous.

Relish it because you deserve it!

Suzanne said...

That article Heidi posted on facebook about turning our age was cool, and right I think. I think we figure out what looks good on us, finally, and spend more money to get those great items versus all the trendy cheap stuff, and in the end we look better. Maybe we care just a tad less too, or feel more confident and that shines through?


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