11 May 2010


I'm currently battling with a blinking cursor.

I keep popping over here only to push "New Post" and then sit and stare at a blank page.

And twitch.

Because my forehead is currently twitching.  Which is slightly more annoying than a random eye twitch (which, come to think of it, was happening early at some point some time very recently) and it's making me think that if you were to stand here facing me, you might just see my entire forehead jumping up and down on my face.

It's like a self-induced face lift.

Which must mean I look younger.

Thank heavens.
(oh but really, only in 2 second intervals.  Drat.)

And still, the cursor blinks on.

It may just be taunting me you know?  Maybe my face is twitching in solidarity with the blinking...blink  blink.  I mean, it's not like I have nothing to say, I am doing plenty...but my tongue, my writing tongue seems to be tied.  Or at least resting in the bottom of my mouth.  Sometimes you just can't find the words...or I don't know how to say what I need to say, or if I should.  Sometimes certain things don't belong in this space.  Or I just feel like I've said most everything and I would just be repeating myself...and when I think that I might just have something new to say, I have totally forgotten my camera...

Because you know how I hate to post without some sort of picture.

It's probably an obsession, and totally the cause of my recent facial twitching.



Of course, it could be the gale force Spring winds, which have made me want to go out and face them and yell.  Loudly.  And share all of my secrets, worries, stresses, anger...just let them go.  Let them blow away somewhere else instead.  Everything.  And then start with a new clean slate.

But all that yelling would probably just make Mena twitchy instead...and there's nothing worse than a twitchy feline.


Suzanne said...

Could this be similar to "shaky"? Occasionally Soren will turn to be and say, "shaky!" and start vibrating. I think it feels good to him or gets a good reaction from me. Maybe you should video your twitchy eye, to get a fun reaction (or at least reaction of sorts) from your readers?

Anonymous said...

I had the eye twitch the week before last... it is so annoying...


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