31 May 2010

Memorial Weekend...

Welcome to my two days off in a row:

  • Cleaning the bathroom, making room (...and then discovering the shelves you're wiping down are not coming clean.  Fine.  I will paint them instead) Painting shelves in bathroom and reorganizing items in said bathroom (wondering why in heavens name I own so much soap and product?!  I should be the youngest, prettiest, and best smelling person you know) Packing away items I'm not currently using, but will in the future.  Putting large bin in basement.
  • Cleaning sinks, toilet, bathtub, little organizer things buy new organizer things...realize the silver plated items I use to put hand soap and toothpaste in need to be wiped down Completely Polished...Figure since I'm standing there doing it, I might as well polish the silver tray the cat's bowls are on.  Silver polished.  Bathroom clean, and organized stuff put back in good perfect acceptable order.
  • Realize I'm going to Megan's for a bar-b-q on Sunday and I will attempt to drag out the material the I acquired for a commissioned flag banner she sweetly asked me to do for her porch...oh, about a year ago.  Yeah that sounds right...Ahem.  So I can stare at it before probably putting it away again.  Decide it wouldn't hurt to just start cutting some of the triangles out to get ready to maybe sew it before I go, because I have a meeting for Tsunami Sponsors in about 2 hours...so there's no way I can get started on the banner now.
  • Cut out triangles and arrange them in order I'd like to see them in when I sew them to their respective rick-rack...decide I can pile them up and at least iron them to get them ready...and look at the freshly ironed pile and think, well...I can at least pin them to the rick-rack to get them ready...Sew the entire banner in less than 15 minutes and then wonder why it took me so long to start and complete this project in the first place?!
  • Went to Tsunami meeting and had a coconut Italian soda...met My Pal Amy after and went to Snap Snap so she could shop, wherein I ran around straightening things before I hit the tired wall.
  • Went home to collapse on the couch with the fourth Percy Jackson and The Olympians book.
  • Sunday I did a facial and pedicure at home...
  • Went to visit my friend Wendy at The Silver Elephant in the St. Michael Alley of Shops so she could re-do the little Thai wraps she put in my hair a month ago...they're like little thin strands of tinsel she ties onto individual hair on your head that then look like very sparkly highlights, only better.  People stop me everywhere I go...Wendy matched them as red, magenta, and maroon to my hair and they're subtle and fun.  I have washed, blow dried, styled with an iron, cut and dyed my hair and they stayed in for well over a month...fun fun fun!
  • Cleaned the outside and inside of the car and got gas.
  • Picked up My Pal Amy and went to Megan's for a lot of fantastic food and relaxation and the hanging of the banner...which probably almost made her faint.  The baby kept looking at it, and while she certainly approved I had to whisper into her ear that it may seem impressive, but in all reality I'd been asked to sew this before we even knew she was going to come into our lives...and it doesn't quite stretch around the whole porch, so I need to get back to cutting and sewing again.  Hopefully I'll get it completed the next time I lope over there for a good time.

So there you go...Now I'm at Snap Snap for the day to see if I can get things organized here and greet all the tourists and locals who are out wandering around on their days off...I hope your weekend was full of fun and you are enjoying remembering those who have passed on before you.

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Anonymous said...

love the summer flag banner.... cute!


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