17 May 2010

Ready. Set. GO...

That was one long weekend.



No it wasn't...My personal weekend was only one day.  Same as this week...yes, two 6-day work weeks in a row.  I'm wondering how I'll handle that.  I can get really attached to my two days off in a row...but you know?  I'm OK so far.

We'll check in again with each other about all of that on Friday, shall we?

As it was and knowing that I have two full weeks right in a row, I am remembering to be infinitely patient with myself and give me as much down time as I can muster.  When I remember that is.

I was able to pull off getting together with a whole lot of people this weekend...threw in a breakfast date at The Dinner Bell (whom happened to be featuring my most favoritest omelet they make so I was giddy...of course it could have been the 15 cups of coffee I also consumed...)  Nabbed my next pair of free panties via Victorias Secret...and spend the most of the rest of my day off at a fundraiser for Tsunami on the Square at a local watering hole here.

We had a great turn out for the event...we hosted a silent auction, a raffle (that will be for some very fine art pieces and will be running through the main event on The Square), a home-made enchilada supper (which was divine), a whole lot of local bands and talent, flamenco dancers, fire throwers...people on stilts, a dance contest...you know?  The usual fun Tsunami activities...If I would have remembered to bring my camera, I would have had a whole lot of fun photos (it must be the lack of putting my feet up?  OR my old age...grumble grumble)

I finally excused myself after drinking my weight in water to go home and put my feet up for a brief moment before passing out tired.  But, it was a heck of a way to wind up my one-day weekend...although my weekly relaxation and renewal yoga is looking mighty inviting from where I stand now...

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