20 May 2010


In the form of this lovely little vintage leather clutch which is currently waiting for its forever home at Snap Snap this week.

I get so excited to rescue and offer vintage western items at the shop...I mean, heck yeah we're a western town...and we're the original territorial capital (twice), and we are home to The World's Oldest Rodeo...I mean, the Earp Brothers used to hang out on Whiskey Row, which of course means we're legitimate vintage, but that doesn't mean we're full to the bursting of vintage western that you can just hold in your hands and walk around with.

(we don't take kindly to looting the historic buildings here)

(besides...have you ever tried putting a courthouse in your pocket?)


Yes, vintage western is getting as scarce as most vintage eventually does.  I chalk it up to the romance of the cowboy and the Wild West...it's a love affair that runs rampant through our own American culture as well as a whole lot of other countries in the world.  So, I tend to snap up any vintage western that meanders across my path and direct it into Snap Snap (gently, but with a lasso)  to sit and wait for the perfect person to go home with.

The wild west is a very cool place...

Especially when you can dress it up in tooled leather and put your change, ID, and family photos in it's sweet red leather interior.

Or photos of you in a rodeo.

With that big ole' buckle?



Anonymous said...

That's cute! I'm sure it will find a home soon. Love the skirt you're wearing. A Chickenbells creation?

Kristal said...

Okay, you could have told me about this one!!!! Can you add these onto my list please? :0)


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