07 May 2010

Attempt at a Haiku...

I decided this morning upon waking to a lovely Spring day I was feeling mightily poetic, which is unusual because I'm not a huge poetry fan.  I just don't really "get" a lot of the poetry out there, I read it and sort of drift off somewhere else...which is fun, unless I'm driving.  Or I want to enjoy the moment, I may be more of a Haiku/limerick person...As I sat and mentally wrote out my Haiku this morning (being so inspired) this is what I came up with:

Sweet Sweet Spring Weather
coming on wings of angels
it's about damned time.

I thought it captured the essence of our unusual but not really unusual if you've lived in a place a long time, because you remember what it used to be like...winter, cold, snowy weather.
I mean.

It was snowing a week ago.

And now it's 77.

Which is perfect hiking, camping, and picnicking weather...all of which I happen to be dreaming about right now, but don't necessarily have time for...which is all fine and dandy because being in AZ means we have a whole lot of chances at sunny days.

Which may in fact be why most of us complained about the Winter this year.  Even I, who likes to not complain about the weather...finally gave in and complained.

(hangs her head in shame)


Suzanne said...

I love it...only we're hitting the 90's down here...not ready for that yet!

Rozzilyn said...


Wende said...

One of the few perks of living in this grey wasteland, is that I feel totally justified in complaining about the weather ALL THE TIME.

Although, we're being promised a week of sunshine and three days down I'm all blissed out. Just wish it was WARM sunshine. 77 sounds utterly divine.


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