30 April 2010

Missing Out...

I feel like I've seriously been missing out here in Bloglandia as of late...mostly because I've been boozin it up with my friend Ziggy up there.

Just kidding.

I haven't.

I have some fun news to share about why exactly I've been so busy and not able to check in as regularly either here or any of my other favorite haunts, but I'm going to wait for the official thumbs up to give you the scoop.  It's coming on its own merry little way...I'm just thinking it will be more of a Tuesday kind of news rather than a Today kind of news.

Until then, I can laugh it up with my pal Ziggy on an official Ziggy sudZmug that I picked up for a song when my sister was here visiting and we were out thrifting one morning.  I thought he'd be a nice addition to my glasses.

Kind of.

Actually, I thought he was an insanely weird mug theme seeing as I only really remember Ziggy as a kind of depressed and rather mellow comic strip character, which isn't someone I'd usually think of calling before I went and grabbed a beer.

But, at half price, I couldn't very well leave this little contradiction to the fates...and when I have the time I think I'll try to sit down and enjoy a frosty cold one with my friend Ziggy.


TomboCheck said...

I have a Ziggy easter bunny doll. The only remaining bit of my early years.

Mosaic Queen said...

I'm always ready for a cold one:-) Also, I totally would have tagged along with you gals on your wine tour to celebrate your bday! Happy belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! And those two kids and a dog pics are a freakin' HOOT!!!!!
Nice to catch up with you girlie!
p.s. I have to drop this bit of info since you mentioned celebrities.....One of my daughters (who is a server) served Vince Vaughn and his father last week!


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