06 April 2010

Abs of Steel...

Rusty and Ken were in town briefly.

However, it was long enough to check in at The Motor Lodge and see two of my favorite hotel owners and play a bit of catch up...before heading out with the happy couple for some Mexican Crack (we gotta take our crack where we can get it)  Where I fear we may have annoyed everyone within earshot.

Let me explain.

Rusty and I met back in good ole' Junior High...see?  Way back before it was called Middle School.  We also happened to live in the same neighborhood, which may have meant we rode the same bus...although, I can't actually recall the details of our first meeting...but, there you go.

We became fast friends...I think due to our superior intellect, or maybe our fantastic good looks...then again, the more I think about it, it was probably due to our warped odd over-the-top sense of humor.

My mother has been known to say that Rusty is one of the funniest people I know.

It's true.

And when we get together, hilarity ensues.  This comes in the form of side-splitting laughter (which may or may not be loud and annoying to diners)

(or anyone else in a 100ft radius)

After visiting with Rusty I can usually count on all of my makeup being washed off by various tears streaming down my face and having sore stomach muscles for a long while after she leaves.  Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we spent a whole week together?  I worry that we may end up rupturing something important, at the very leas we would develop abs of steel...and Ken?

Hysterical as well...he described someone in their life as having an, "Unfortunate Smile"

Which set us off again.

Honestly...those two words say so very much, and I can totally see an Edward Gorey sketch to accompany my visual.

There's nothing more sexy than a sense of humor...

(which is obviously why people are fawning all over us at any given time)


I saw them off this morning as they're tooling around Route 66 via a quick stop at the set of Kingdom of the Spiders (of which I've never heard of much less seen.  I know.  Tragic.  Gotta put that on the que)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Humor IS sexy! And Hank is a god... (tiger growl)

Mexican crack... LOL! I'm sure gucacmole was involved...YUM!


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