07 April 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

I take my morning cuppa with cream (or various cream substitutes, as my body doesn't do well with lactose) Couple that with traveling to Italy...and I at once become spoiled.  You see, in Italy they bring you your morning cuppa steaming hot in a pitcher...and if you want, they sweetly pair it with a steaming hot pitcher of milk.


So when you pour the cream into your coffee it doesn't cool your cuppa down.

It enhances it.

Italians know how to live.

Upon being confronted with this simple fact during my first morning in Italy...even though I hadn't slept in 24 hours, I remember remarking, "Oh.  Well.  I'm never going to want to go home...I can see that now."

(I also felt sure of that after I finally got some sleep)

But, wouldn't you know it?

I do not warm my cream up at home.  It's too much of an effort for me apparently (I can't even program the machine to make the coffee so it's ready after I get back from the gym...which always makes me happy because then I think little coffee faeries have been there, and I feel all taken care of...)   I do pour my cream into it's own little pitcher and set it beside the coffee maker.

And then?

I realized that after I get the maker all set up, and pour the cream into its pitcher...if I then set this full pitcher on top of the machine and brew my coffee, the warmness from the steam and brewing heats it up.

I know.

I'm an inventor.

Although, now I am stuck cleaning the top of the coffee maker every day.

Condensation you know.

But it's totally worth it.

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