12 April 2010

Stepping In...

Well.  That was a relaxing weekend.

Spent mostly doing nothing too planned out, and just what I wanted to do.  If I didn't want to do it, the thought slipped through my fingers like the blue blue waters of the Borghese  Herbal Bath Soak I scored for half off at the thrift.

That's not to say I didn't accomplish anything.

Errands were run at CostCo and the grocery...preliminary shopping for a camping/Birthday trip.

Intuitive Conference Phone Call was attended...putting into place some openness and creativity (I actually reconnected with Jack in person as he is a good friend from the past.  Although maybe a good friend from the now that I knew in the past would be more accurate?  We were able to sit and enjoy each others company last week until 10 to 11...and then we both had to depart into other parts of our worlds again.  It's so wonderful when the edges of your world can open up to embrace someone elses edges...the conversation was deep, inspiring, thoughtful, and much needed by me, and I feel so lucky to be back in touch with Jack again.)

A six mile hike along The Peavine with DaNece and Lola...jump starting our bodies for summer hiking and other various warm time activities.

The annual cleaning of the closet...or The Chair In The Studio Can't Hold Any More Things And Will Probably Break Unless You Do Something About It (because I have small vintage closets and I like to just throw things on this Postal Chair, instead of hanging them up properly.  Ahem.)

Cleaning the Living Room and other parts of the house including, but not limited to, vacuuming the downstairs and upstairs, doing laundry, and tackling the clean laundry, sorting and organizing...phew!

Entertaining Guests on Saturday Night...

Really, the list could go on, but the oddest thing is?  I feel like I had just the perfect amount of time in which to relax and renew in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.  There were times where I parked the car and didn't get back into it until the next day.


I felt like I could totally welcome Monday and step out of the blue blue waters and into another week.

Which is good, because I think this week is going to be a little nutso.


Rozzilyn said...

I love the picture, most of all. It reminds me of that radio commercial,
"We put the Ahhh in Spa".

wende said...

Um, if you see another bottle of that foot soak, snap it up for me, m'kay? I have a feeling that my feet are going to need it very soon.

I spent the weekend cleaning too--it does make a nutso week not so nutso.

Jack Stephens said...

So great to reconnect with you! I love that we come from a town (and you live there!) where you can say, "let's meet at the gazebo at the square" and we both know instantly where that is. I wonder how many people have done that in the last 100+ years?! I loved reuniting with you after 22 years as though it's simply another morning get-together with a good friend. Oh yeah, it was :) Thanks for being who you are Sadira.
Love, Jack
PS Thanks for the joining on the conference call again! So fun to have you there.


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