13 April 2010

Begin :: Birthday Week

Photo:  Myself, My Father, My Step-mother Patti
(reading from left to right respectively)

(although, I'm sure you could figure this out...cause you're smart like that)

This group (which also includes my sister) rolled into town this morning, and Dad and Patti will be rolling out again this afternoon, leaving Thais here to celebrate and recoup for a week.  It was a short visit, but we did manage to:

Eat breakfast out at The Dinner Bell Cafe.

(which is a lot for me, because I never open until the actual day...but really?  This was a very special circumstance gosh darn it!  And my sister can help teach me how to use this machine while she's here)

Let the Birthday Week commence.

It's a big number year for me, so I'm squeezing that last bit out of The 30 Decade that I can.

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